The 50 year class of 1968 was honored at the 2018 Gorin Alumni Banquet. Pictured are Joleen Davis, Larry Daniels, Jim Balfour, Connie Balfour, Sharon Flint, Mary Jo Morris, Donna Bailey, John Austin, Larry Ebling, and Cecil Parsons.

The 2018 Gorin Alumni Banquet was held at the old Gorin gymnasium on Saturday, October 13, 2018.  The doors opened at 4:30 to start the evening of fun and food with old friends.  The 50 year class of 1968 and the 60 year class of 1958 were honored.

The Alumni were welcomed by President, Billy Davis.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Larry Daniels, and the blessing was given by Allen Fitzgerald before a lovely meal catered by Steve’s Diner and Catering of Kahoka.

The meeting was called to order by President Billy Davis.  The secretary and treasure’s reports were given and approved.  The 2019 slate of officers will remain the same being as follows:  President – Billy Davis; Vice President – Connie Ward; Secretary – Mary Lou Kraus; and Treasurer – Leon Buford.

Before the introduction of the classes of 1958 and 1968, a special recognition was given to 1939 graduate Verlee Dauma.  It is always good to see her smiling face.  The class of 1968 shared with everyone how they had spent their years since leaving GHS.

A memorial was given by Allen and Louise Fitzgerald for the Alumni and teachers lost since last year.  They were as follows:  Dorthy (Shannon) Kelso class of 1938, Marlyce Tillatson class of 1953, Merlyn Dean (Newman) Taylor class of 1953, Charlene (Pulliam) Garman class of 1957, Linda Carol (Norton) Davidson class of 1962, Eldon Cowles (superintendent) and Dedie Priebe (teacher).

Ronnnie Morris and Donna Bailey gave a special tribute “The class of 68” to our honor class followed by Ronnie playing a few tunes for everyone’s entertainment.  The rest of the evening was spent visiting and picture taking.

Those attending were:  Verlee (Chambers) Dauma, Terry Arnold, Ivan and Virginia (Chambers) Woods, Lucille (Hill) Triplett, Debbie Sears, Mildred (Erickson) Pence, Erick Pence, Ruth Tague, Lois (Calvert) Humes, Kathy Blythe, Wesley and Helen (Sprague) Knupp, Brad and Crystal Bliven, Orville and Johanna (Peterson) Steele, Janis Theel, Vera (Tague) Crandal, Don and Mary Anna (Egbert) Troutman, Helen (Peterson) Bissel, Thomas Priebe, George Egbert, Ronnie Boyer, Doris (Priebe) Day, Patty (Egbert) Golbricht, Dean and Beverly Tibbs, Rodger and Mooreen Holten, Teresa Sears, Geraldine (Peterson) Davis, Oren and Celina (Laverty) Erickson, Gary and Sharon Thomas, Kenny and Sherrill (Tague) Clatt, Alan Erickson, Allen and Louise (Shriver) Fitzgerald, Sharon (Pence) Thomas, Judy (Noble) Bradley, Robert Garret, Joe Eddy and Joyce (Noble) Harvey, Linda (Tague) Brown, Raymond Burr, Diane Burr, Beverly (Janssen) Dieterich, Brenda (Buford) Eckland, Ralph and Betty Erickson, Herold and Marjorie (Tull) Hamner, Murl and Brenda Simler, Rollie Dorsey, Leon and Hazel (Herring) Buford, Elaine (Ewing) Forrester, Chipper and Louise (Daniels) Harris, Janet (Smith) Swann, Ronnie White, Ronnie Morris, Nancy (Tague) Platz, Ray and Connie (Ward) Ward, Peggy (Parsons) Cumby, Vicki (Miller) Dodge, Louise Boone, John and Donna (Davis) Austin, Donna (Tague) Bailey, Sam Berendson, Jim and Connie (Erickson) Balfour, Larry and Darlene Daniels, Charley and Joleen (Musgrove) Davis, Larry and Vickie Ebling, Sally Ebling, Ray and Sharon (Beye) Flint, Mary Jo Morris, Cecil Parsons, Tom and Kathy (Erickson) Albsmeyer, Billy and Rhonda Davis, Dennis and Mary Lou (Tague) Kraus, Carleen (Musgrove) Orton, Mary and Dana Glasscock, Christine Musgrove, Joy Musgrove, Stan and Betty (Tague) Bissell, Clifton and Reta (Musgrove) Stott, Dana (Musgrove) Glasscock, Ralph Armstrong, Duane and Sandy Arnold, Ronald and Sandy Kiekel, Debra (Tague) Heck, Allan and Martha Hulet, Mike Parrish, Gary and Diane (Tague) Gannon, Sherrie Peterson, Lili (Brown) Shook, Mona Tague, Randy Thomas, Joyce (Shultz) Williams, Jan (Ebling) Howell, Dale and Judy Musgrove, Ann (Ebling) Shaw, Charles Schultz, Deidra Musgrove and daughter.