The descendants of Gooden-Emons and Kinney-Zaerr families gathered Sunday September 30, 2018 at the Downing Depot in Downing, MO with 46 family members and guests present from several states.

The Lord’s Prayer was offered by family attending prior to a delicious carry-in basket lunch and the Hog Roast was provided by Randy and Delores Sayre and their grand-daughter Ashlyn Laws.

A new pitch and catch game was played with volunteers. Catchers wore shower caps covered with shaving cream and the pitchers threw cheese curls at the catchers’ shaving cream heads. Those with the most cheese curls stuck in the shaving cream were declared the winner.

A silent auction was held with 18 items donated by family members and funds from the auction will be used to replenish next year’s costs.

The registration candy jar was won by Lori Eidson with a total of 47 pieces of candy.

Those in attendance: Juanita, Lisa Gooden, Colby, Emma Frederick, Deb Gooden, Mindy, Hailey Roberts, Doug, Olivia Robinson, Lancaster, MO;

Ryan, Lori, Abigail Eidson, Moberly, MO; Joyce Frederick, Baring, MO; Melissa, Warren, Evan, Ethan Higgins, Bondurant IA; Lowell, Linda Gordy, Arbela MO; Carla, Alisha McGill, Lon, Barbara, Tegan Creath, Milton IA; Larry, Barbara Sparks, Mystic, IA; Carolyn Rudicil, Edina, MO; Edward, Regina Gooden, Jesse, Connie Gooden, Bloomfield, IA; Jenny, Ashlyn Laws, Glenwood MO; Larry, Karen, Deanna, Dawson Clausssen, Shelbyville, MO; Violet Fulbright, Willard MO; Ron, Mae Emons, Gresham NE; Clarence, Rosalie Kinney, Randy, Delores Sayre, Jim and Janet Fishback, Downing, MO.

Next year’s reunion will be hosted by Randy Sayre and grand-daughter Ashlyn Laws on September 29, 2019.