How many of us live in what seems to be a self-imposed prison?  On any given day some of us could use that infamous “get out of jail” card.  Some days are tough.

A divinely fascinating thing I find to be true of God is that He lives to bring us great rescue; ultimate joy. The grand stories from beginning to end of the Bible are of some of His people in trouble.  And then… and then there is the impossible rescue.

Sometimes we feel stumped.  Other times we feel trapped by life’s unfair circumstances; even if we brought much of it on ourselves.  It seems that we believe that we will reach a point (or an age) where we have life under control.  But we never quite reach that peak.

Enter: God’s “Start Over” factor.

It is God that calls us to be new, presents us as new, and perpetuates?  You’ve got it. New!

At whatever age one is, the new-birth effect is in play.  Tried and failed?  Try again. Believed and failed?  Believe again.  Risked and failed?  Risk again.

The Kingdom of God isn’t for losers for in the kingdom there are no losers.  Because of one brilliant move–Jesus coming back from the dead (starting over in essence)–we have been supplied with a gift far too good to be true.