Dear Editor,

Quote one among us; “This will be our final letter to the editor concerning The Truths of God. We were led to read Genesis in the King James Version of His Holy Bible. It has been pure joy to us, sharing our education from HIS very own Holy Spirit.”

Another, quote;  “We at home do believe we never would have realized how lacking in faith we were before this, believing Him but not fully trusting in Him. In our family, it is the most vital truth we have learned.”

Quote The Quiet One; “Moses began keeping a notebook of his own, and named it Genesis when He described The Creation in the Beginning. Our kids believe that is because throughout all the prior years, the big problem maker has been The First Transgression”. For the most part, they are born knowing much more than given credit. We refer to our letter in the past describing the four-year-old’s reaction upon seeing the great mound in his Mother’s abdomen as she lay resting. He asked about it, and she told him that the mound was a baby in her tummy. We were absolutely astounded when his instant reaction was, quote; “YOU MEAN YOU ATE THE BABY!?”

Another, quote;  “We all almost fell to the floor laughing at how quickly the child’s comprehension was SO OBVIOUS!  Our point is, how come he did not know that the compartment within his Mom’s abdomen was also located there, for the child to grow to full infant maturity until such time as it could withstand the rigors of growing to become an adult? Timing is an absolute when it comes to explaining to a child, the various but absolutely vital truths as they mature and inquire.”

The Loud One, quote; “It was in the mid-Thirties that the baby boom began, when women were urged to leave parental chores behind and get jobs in the war-building factories, to help this MAGNIFICENT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA overcome the horrible financial depression in all of America.”

Quote The Coin Lady; “The rest is history – no longer were MOMs at home to keep everyone of the kids informed as they grew, the kids grew up not knowing siccum except that they were suddenly street children, learning what the streets teach, and that is NOT chastity! Some have missed the point that Our Father in Heaven is angry because after all these eons of time and preaching, many parents do not realize that God’s Holy Bible begins in Genesis, describing Creation. The test, the great downfall of morality, and His long struggle to convince people that He is not a man who holds grudges, but instead, offers forgiveness to one and all, except for one act –  thinking that The Holy Spirit can be ignored forever. We have been asked to compromise the words given us concerning Our Own Holy Spirit and His wording. We have meditated long and deeply, and have concluded that we cannot compromise one word given us by HIM. Therefore we will close out this chapter of having been given freely, we have shared freely.

  Our inspiring thought – quote The Clown Lady; “A preacher does just that – preaches; a minister actually preaches less and offers Communion more, and ministers to those who are visited by and filled with His Holy Spirit.  It is a joyous event and a lasting experience!”

Love and Blessings from ALL THE OLD TIMERS, with Bette Wiley