Dear Editor,

Quoting the grandson to Grandpa; “Grandpa, my friend at school laughs at me when I talk about God and His Holy Spirit in me. I told him. if he would go to Sunday School be would already know that, but he says his Dad says it is all hogwash and it is everybody for himself and he says that is why he is a self-made man!”

Grandpa was stunned obviously. Quote Grandpa; “l am stopped in my tracks because I never heard of anyone not believing God is!”

Quote The Coin Lady; “Don’t fret. Keep right on sharing with the kids and ask Jesus to have mercy on the child and his father, then thank HIM for doing what you would like to do, but let HIS HOLY SPIRIT DO IT FOR YOU! We call that serving in Our Lord’s Secret Service, and our kids, love the idea of being in The Lord’s Secret Service!”

“Say! that is a super good idea! The Lord did say in the red print that to think it is as good as saying it because, that is the way they communicate in Heaven anyway! Super good idea! How about it Boy?” quoting Grandpa, but the kid was already bouncing up and down in his chair with super joy!

Quote The Coin Lady; “One thing we must tell the kids; when you get baptized, you must confess before God and mankind that you accept as truth, that. Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten Son of God Almighty, and you will accept Him as your Guide and Saviour, especially when you become confused at times.. It is one way to be assured ‘that God’s Holy Spirit is reborn in you as your guide throughout all your life, to ask for His instant help in need or in danger. Then you must be silently watchful in your mind for Him to speak With you, and HE WILL! It is the one most thrilling experience in this entire world when you first realize that second silent voice in, you is NOT YOU talking, to yourself as some have always thought, but that Silent Holy Voice of HIS Holy Spirit in you! When God created mankind, which includes male and female alike, HE blessed those first atoms with HIS OWN HOLY  POWER! WHEN SATAN DESTROYED THAT POWER, GOD’S ‘TEMPLE, OUR BRAIN, SATAN BECAME THAT OTHER VOICE. BAPTISM NEGATES ANY POWER IN YOU SATAN MAY HAVE HAD AT ONE TIME! ISN’T ‘THAT WONDERFUL! If you will ask, the boy to read with you about Jesus’s own baptism in the New Testament red print, you will learn. that Jesus destroyed any power ‘Satan’ may have had over your thinking process forevermore, and Satan’s favorite emotions to corrupt are passion and temptation and lying.  Jesus destroyed all that in the wilderness when He resisted every temptation offered by Satan, and that bad angel was destroyed.”

“But that is not end of story!” quote The Clown Lady; “‘Everyone born, after that has that first atom’s genes in them and that atom is reborn again and again, so God was compelled to beget HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON AS A CHILD BORN OF A VIRGIN WOMAN, TO GROW AND WAX STRONG IN LIFE TO DO JUST AS JESUS DID – RECRUIT HIS APOSTLES TO ACCEPT HIM AS THEIR HEAVEN-SENT SAVIOUR TO BE BORN AGAIN INTO GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT!”

“OH! How well put, dear Joker Lady!”

Quote Clown Lady; “Yeah, I know! The red print says one never knows who will receive God’s Holy Messages, like who would have thought a holy messenger heralding the coming of one for whom the Baptist himself admitted was not even worthy of tying the shoe latches of the Holy One who was even then approaching, loud thundering voice Of His Own cousin!” OH, the thrill of hearing it spoken exactly as it is in the scriptures! quote another, then quote another, “And when Jesus approached John standing in the middle of the River, HE asked Jesus, quote, “Are you the One?” or maybe Jesus asked John, but does it matter? Such homely lowly ways of welcoming Our Beloved Guide Back To God’s Holy Presence!”

Another, quote, “Indeed! It is no wonder that we celebrate the birth, of the Holy Child of God by Welcoming HIM, to our ugly, sordid, misled earth people! He came laden with. the burden of’ spreading the Good News from His Heavenly Father! Not to celebrate His Coming with unheard of amounts of money spent, but to share with one and all and with each other, the Good News from God! That it is easy to detect and to abide by the fruit of the Holy Spirit.- Good is God. and Evil is Satan! The grand gifts The Holy Babe brought with Him to a potential Heaven, on Earth, which is the purpose of life on Earth! are His. Gifts of His Holy Spirit to us! A lost nation to be sure!”

Our inspiring thought, God placed the holiday called ‘Thanksgiving into a very grateful heart of one like us, a time to concentrate, to meditate, to contemplate and to be thankful for a Creator who is all knowing and yet all forgiving, who has yet to establish into the hearts and minds of the created that His Holy intentions are even yet to convince us once and for all that He loves us unreservedly, and wants the very best for us all, but it must be on HIS HOLY. TERMS AND CONDITIONS; FOR HE WILL TOLERATE N0THING OF SATAN. IT IS WE WHO CONTINUE TO THINK IN TERMS OF ‘I THINK’ instead of ‘WE THINK’. Knowing now that we are incapable of thinking as inanimate lifeless objects such as the computers raging the sales this day and age. The answering voice we hear within is a personal choice, and our only choice here in America and all over the world. The Christ Child is coming back with all the right gifts of HIS HOLY SPIRIT to cram into our countenance computer.  God’s purpose for ever creating us was to bring Heaven to HIS beloved Mother Earth. Are we going to help Him, or hinder Him even more? Halloween was originally meant to scare hurtful ghosts away not to scare good souls who someday will be ghosts themselves. Will we be evil then, into eternity, or will we be joyful that we knew God’s Truth before We die? In Heaven, they communicate in the Spirit of God, which is silent-thought. We do not even wish to know            about the other possibility, do you?

Love and Blessings from all the Old Timers, Bette Wiley