CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) participants may release their CRP acreage for haying or grazing.  A payment reduction of 25% of the annual rental payment times the number of acres actually hayed or grazed will be assessed.  The assessment may be paid in advance or deducted from the annual CRP payment.

BEFORE haying or grazing CRP, you must sign a request at the FSA office and obtain a modified conservation plan from NRCS.

You may hay or graze the acreage 1 out of every 3 years.  For example, if field #3 was released for grazing in 2012, it may not be hayed or grazed again until 2015.

Eligible acreage may be hayed or grazed between July 16 and September 30, 2014.  Hay must be removed from CRP acreage by October 30. You may not hay and graze the same acreage.

Any cover destroyed or damaged as a result of the haying/grazing will be re-established at the CRP participant’s expense.

For more information or to release CRP acreage for haying or grazing, please contact your county Farm Service Agency office.