It is nice this week to be able to go out and get a breath of fresh air.  As I write this today, the temperature is 50 degrees and the wind is calm.  Perfect to get outside.

The birds have made their way to the thicket and the feeder is quiet this morning.  I imagine they are finding seeds and other things to feast on in the natural setting.  My feeders have been busy though.   Haven’t yours?

I have heard several people have been noticing flocks of Robins.  Does that mean our harsh January is over, and we can look to spring soon?  I don’t know about you, but this year, for some reason I am ready for spring.  I suppose it was due to that cold snap that we had in January.  I did not leave the house unless necessary. I did some organizing of my bird books, cleaned the office, and did some sewing for Elsie as well. She has certain blankets she loves, so Gaga has to make them.  It’s nice to have someone love something you make for them.  It makes you feel so warm and nice.

Maybe soon you fellow birders should start thinking of cleaning out your birdhouses, making some new ones, and ordering supplies for feeders for those hummingbirds.  I can’t wait until May 1.

I am going to be purchasing a new Purple Martin house this year. I can’t decide if I want to go the gourd route or traditional apartment style. Last year I had so many they were all crammed in one side of the house and several gourds.  Fun to watch and listen to.  I really enjoy them. Very personable bird and a people lover. I hear the lady on KMEM talking about talking chicken talk, well I think I can speak to the Purple Martins.  I don’t know about the chickens, you would have to ask my daughter, Kayla about the chickens.

March will be a busy month, preparing and getting ready for spring.  The first Purple Martin Scouts and bluebird scouts appear in March, so you want to be ready.  Have a great week, and enjoy this weather.  Maybe you will start to hear the geese coming back this way soon.  Until next time, good birdwatching.