With prom in the books, the campus bowl team headed to state, and graduation looming, it should be a time to celebrate at Scotland County R-I High School. Unfortunately the district made national news this week for the wrong reasons.

Todd Starnes, host of Fox News & Commentary, on May 2nd published a story featuring correspondence from a reader in Scotland County, Missouri.

The conservative columnist reported on the email sent by a parent, complaining that “her daughter came home from school with a jaw-dropping assignment full of sexually suggestive language.”

The column by Starnes includes a photo of the material, describing it as a “word problem about a relationship between a man named Larry and a woman named Prudence,” and goes on to classify the material as “definitely inappropriate for a bunch of 16-year-old’s in a high school English class.”

Fair or not, the editorial does not paint a flattering picture of the initial response, saying “The mom reached out to the principal at the high school in Scotland County — and got a bit of a run-around.

However Starnes did credit the superintendent of schools for addressing the issue, pointing out that the material in question is not part of the school curriculum.

In response to the social media buzz this article has generated, the Scotland County R-I School District issued the following statement:

“The administration and Board of Education want to make very clear that this document was not part of the district’s curriculum.  The district would never approve or adopt that type of content and had absolutely no knowledge that this material was present on school premises or that students would have access to such content, in any way.”

Superintendent Ryan Bergeson stated “Appropriate action has been taken, and will continue to be taken, to ensure that this conduct will not be repeated.”

The district statement went on to say: “The district is very grateful to the persons who brought this situation to our attention, so that it could be addressed immediately and permanently. We also appreciate the support of the community in confirming that this type of material is not acceptable for students in our schools. We look forward to having a positive and productive end of the school year, including all of the celebrations that involve graduation and related activities.”