Dear Editor,

The Missouri Children’s Division would like to thank everyone in Clark, Schuyler, and Scotland Counties for their generosity and support of foster families during our foster parent appreciation event this year.  We have outstanding foster parents and it was a wonderful opportunity to recognize their dedication to helping children in foster care.

We would like to recognize the following local businesses donated to help make the barbeque, pool party and training a successful event: Memphis Lumber, Community Bank of Memphis, Scotland County Lanes, VFW, City of Memphis, Scotland County Alpha Epsilon Sigma Beta Group, Scotland County Pharmacy/Apothecafe, Exchange Bank, and Teressa Handy-Todd.

The Missouri Children’s Division regional office recognized area foster parents recently. Pictured in the front is Linda Humphrey (Schuyler County); Middle row: Kim Himenes (Clark), Lisa Bergheger (Scotland), Melissa Riney (Clark), Diane Tague (Scotland), Rovene Hamner (Clark), Ralph Miller (Schuyler), Catherine Probst (Scotland); Top: Bill Bergheger (Scotland), Paul Tague (Scotland). Not pictured were (from Clark) Steven & Shana Grimsley, Kelly Parker, Ewing & Barbara Key, William & Ruth Fox, Bubba & Alma Eder, Jason & Jena Church, Jeramy & Jennifer Hall, Keith & Rhonda Gates, Matt & Erin Gutting; (from Schuyler County) Harry & Latreasa White, Donald & Valerie Berry, Josh & Amber Mosley, Nancy Replogle, Randall & Marilyn Ayers; and (from Scotland County) Randall & Sandra Hiller, Gerald & Kena Frederick, Kelly & Angie Ward, William & Rachel Reckenberg, Shawn & Sondra Shannan, Greg Probst, Bob & Marie Brown.

Foster families are an invaluable part of a team that works together to ensure the health and safety of children in need of a nurturing home. They provide safe and caring temporary homes for children whose families are currently unable to care for them. Staying connected to familiar and reassuring things, such as friends, school, and routine activities, helps lessen the stress and change a child must cope with in his or her young life.  It is through the commitment of foster parents that children in foster care are able to remain in their community in a safe and nurturing environment.

Missouri is always looking for foster parents to provide safe and caring temporary homes for children whose families are currently unable to care for them. If you would like to know more about foster parenting or ways to get involved, please visit where you can locate contact information for your local Children’s Division office.


Rachelle Curry, MSW

Circuit Manager