Pictured in the back row, L to R: Justin Winn (Vatterott College), Caleb Manchester (Northwest Missouri State University), Alex Hunolt (Truman State University), Chelsea Wood (John Wood Community College), Elijah Cooley (University of Central Missouri), Riley Kliethermes (University of Central Missouri), Evan Hite (Missouri University of Science & Technology, and Jordan Fulk (Northwest Iowa Community College). On the front row, L to R: Maddie Brassfield (Drake University, transferring to John Wood Community College), Randi Slaughter (Truman State University), Ariel Quenneville (University of Missouri Kansas City), Lacey Perrilles (University of Central Missouri), Morgan Alexander (Truman State University).

by Andrea Brassfield

Scotland County R-1 High School welcomed back several recent SCR-I graduates and some older graduates on Friday, January 5th.  These former students were asked to conduct a Question & Answer session with senior English classes. The seniors were given an opportunity to ask questions of the panel of recent graduates before breaking out into smaller groups to learn more about specific types of post-secondary options.

All of the graduates emphasized the importance of preparation for college, including budgeting and developing good study habits.  Additionally, while a few are sticking with their declared majors, most of the graduates admit they have already made a decision to change their majors or are seriously thinking about it.

They emphasized that it is o.k. to change your mind or even start college undecided.  Another topic of conversation was mental health and understanding that college comes with challenges.  Each of the students strongly agreed that it is important to seek a support system.  It is also important to get involved whether you join clubs, professional organizations, social organizations, or intramural sports.  The outside activities you get involved in can eventually help you meet your best friends in college, and even help you find your eventual career choice. Finally, the group encouraged this year’s seniors to “keep an open mind” when they go to school.  Don’t be afraid to diversify, try new things, and meet new people!