Let me guess. You are going through a significantly rough time. This broad statement is so true that many readers may inwardly believe that many would not understand how yours is paramount to all others. This is reflective of just how strenuous our days are.

Furthermore, no reader has just one stress. Many are the plagues of each individual from health to perspective to relationships. Days are complexical with hassle and irritants…for every breathing individual. Humanity walks through mass destruction…in reality; not in theory.

Enter faith. Yes… faith. Believing is the great dividing system between fulfillment and misery. Oddly… oh so strangely… the very ones who balk as such a notion are also the very ones who live in perpetual complaint. Don’t you get the connection?

Believing God is not some religious handyism. Nor is it excuseism. It is life gone hopeful. Grasp the wonder.

As Jesus was raised from the dead, a believer’s confidence factor defies the toughest measures of opposition and discouragement. This isn’t pretentious wishfulism my dear friends. Rather, it is the very central purpose that God calls for us to walk by faith in the first place. Living by one’s human calculation just can’t fathom how to make ordinary life pop.

Be filled with wonder! Yes… you!

You who hurt. You who suffer rejection. You who can’t dig out. You…are targeted by God to receive from Him what cannot be handed out by any other system or person… WONDER IN ALL OF ITS AWE!