First Baptist Church (FBC) in Memphis provides a local Christian radio station broadcast.  The station is an American Family Radio station broadcasting on FM 91.5. 

The local broadcast is a talk radio format, giving national news, talk radio opinion from Christian perspective, preaching by well-known pastors, financial information on investing, Bible studies, and some music. 

FBC has provided this radio broadcast for 20 years.  FBC would appreciate knowing about how many people listen to this station.  If you listen, even just occasionally, to this station please call FBC at 660-465-2060 and let them know. If no one is there to answer please leave a message. If you would be disappointed that this station was discontinued please let the church know that as well.

The station is also available by streaming from the internet at https://AFR.NET.  From the internet there are three different programming mixes available.  There is no charge for streaming.  A full listing of programming may be downloaded from AFR.NET under the menu bar item ‘Line Up’. 

The church thanks the public for assisting in collecting this information.