As May 22nd comes to a close, I am no longer employed with Scotland County Hospital rural clinics. I find it hard to continue to work for management that does not take into consideration the needs of their staff.

As I complete my nursing career, I thank all of the nurses that I have worked with and influenced. Next I want to thank all of my patients for your support and am sorry that you won’t be able to follow with me for health care. Thank you to Lori and Dr. Davis for making it final. Also, thank you to Dr. Matt Cormier, Dr. Julia McNabb ad Dr. Edlon Fraizer for being such great collaborators. Marsha and Faye thanks for helping the Wyaconda Medical Services run smooth and for the friendships we have developed.

Last but most important thanks to my family for your support and words of encouragement in making the decision to stop my nursing career. It is not in me not to be busy, so I will continue to work, just not in the role of a nurse. Next week as I begin employment with Scotland County Pharmacy, I wish you all well. Take care. God Bless.

M. Day