With this cold snap and snow cover, you would think you might be seeing some Juncos or snowbirds.  I have not been feeding the birds, so I can understand nothing at my feeder, but I am sure some of you have noticed them.  I cleaned my feeder and put some fresh suet and bird seed out, but haven’t had anything yet.  I have got to get the water plugged in and ready.  I guess if I am not ready for this weather, the birds aren’t either. 

If you have the ability to have your feeders where there are shrubs and trees that is always a plus.  Mine is out in the open and with the northwest wind blowing it is a cold place to be.  I am constantly thinking and working on ideas for good cover.  I do have shrubs but not a lot. I have some pine trees in one part of the yard and more cover and hopefully that will help.

If you have food out and you see some birds come and take a seed and fly away, Blue Jays and Nuthatches do this and fly to a perch and crack them open, or hide the seeds in the tree bark for later. Many birds will scratch like chickens and throw seeds off your feeder on the ground.  If you purchase mixed seed, it will be more obvious.  The unwanted seeds are usually milo, corn, wheat, oats, etc.  Filler seed.

I purchase straight black oil sunflower seed and this seems to work better. None the less this product will also sometimes have insects in it.  It needs to be stored in a tight container in a cool dry area. You can also freeze what you aren’t using to help prevent this.  You may notice various seeds coming up in the spring after the feeding season. These are the ones that have been scratched off the feeder and the ground feeding birds did not like either. 

Remember that the American Goldfinches will be coming to the feeders, but they are less colorful this time of year.  They are still around in the thickets with the other birds that stay less than 100 miles away from your feeder.  I have spotted several Bald Eagles, several Hawks, and a few Robins this past week. Remember those deer carcasses when you are disposing of them. The Eagles find those to be a treat.

It’s hard to believe that it is almost Thanksgiving. I enjoy the fall season so much, I hated to see that early snow and this cold weather. I am still hoping for some weather in the 50’s. It may end up being a long winter I’m afraid.  However, if you have the feeder up and water going, you will soon have birds to watch.  Until next time, good bird watching.