Kenneth Mayfield of Woodlands, TX and Charles Mayfield of Colony, MO display their Missouri Century Farm sign at the family farm near Rutledge.

With more than 100 years in the family name, the Mayfield Farm recently became the newest Missouri Century Farm in Scotland County.

Lisa Doster, County Engagement Specialist in Community Economic Development, and Kristy Eggleston-Wood, Youth Program Associate with the University of Missouri Extension, recently presented the Century Farm sign to Kenneth Mayfield of Woodlands, TX and Charles Mayfield of Colony, MO for their family farm located near Rutledge.

Please contact the Scotland County Extension office at 660-465-7255 with questions regarding the Missouri Century Farm program.

The century farm program dates back to 1976, when long-term family ownership of property was first officially recognized under the Centennial Farm title, with 2,850 Century Farms recognized in 105 different Missouri counties.

The program proved so popular, so the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and University of Missouri Extension planned a 10-year update in 1986 called the “Century Farm” program. During this update, 1,080 additional Missouri farms were recognized.

The Extension then took over managing annual updates, and since 1987, an additional 5,504 farms have been recognized. In 2008, Missouri Farm Bureau became a program co-sponsor.