Eligible voters in Scotland County will have the opportunity to participate in the election of University of Missouri Extension council members for Scotland County on February 20 through February 22.

The Extension council, consisting of elected and appointed members, is the official body within the county to cooperate with the University in carrying out the provisions of the Smith -Lever Act of Congress and amendments and acts supplementary thereto and any other acts effecting extension programs.

Three people have been nominated for Combined District elective position, Heliene Tobler, Tasha Eggleston-Wood, and Dawn Triplett. The two for the Jefferson Districts elective position are Kim Smith and Laurie Jack.

“Become involved in continuing education programs offered through University of Missouri Extension,” said local council chairman Paul Campbell. “Begin by voting in the annual council member election. Any registered voter in Scotland County can vote in this election.”

For details about how to vote for council nominees from your district, contact the University of Missouri Extension Center 117 S. Market St. Suite 105, Memphis, MO or phone 660-465-7255 or visit our web site: http://extenison.missouri.edu/scotland.