If ever there is the duplicative track to be found in us which corresponds to the surprise and world-changing walk of Jesus, it is mercy.

Mercy places each of us into “truth focus”. Sure, we have a hankering to keep score of those who-know-better sinners among us. It’s usually always a “they” notation.

The score? Theirs HUGE. Mine EXCUSED.

Yes, the forgiveness factor applies to all. Forgive as you have been forgiven should be enough motivation to drop all accusations against another, huh? But… not the case. We have such a tendency to dismiss our personal flaws while accentuating the violations of others. And we live plenty miffed about “them”.

So it’s as if God trumps the forgiveness thread by lifting it to mercy; forgiving others without their begging plea for such. We are to show our offenders forgiveness via the exercise of mercy; DROP THE CHARGES!!

When we choose to show mercy, the Bible says that we will receive the same from God on the precise parallelic basis of how we were willing to dispense such.

James 2:13… is more than just a verse. It’s a truth that will hold families, churches, neighborhoods, and businesses together…in harmony… productive harmony.