Sunday came!  It’s here folks!  No, I’m not kidding!  Sunday is here!

It’s a strange admission, but my initiation into the church culture didn’t seem to take when it came to my being in awe of God.  I wasn’t.  I’m not saying that I wasn’t taught it.  But, I soon became devoted to getting church right…. which, duh…. one would have assumed included a high priority of honoring God.

I did offer Him acknowledgment, you know. Yet, to focus upon Him just to ponder His absolute and deserving wonder? Umm… not so much. I was more interested in me; what I liked about church, about serving, about learning my Bible. Enamorization with God?  Not.  So.  Much.

Because of this, when we sang I wasn’t so much attune to the words as I was to whether I liked the tune.  Did I like the personality of the song leader?  Did I like the…. I was full of the “did I likes”.  And where was God in all of this?  Patiently waiting.

When I entered the privilege of preaching, I was more focused on my performance (using Scripture properly, connecting with the audience) than on Him. Too, the church placed strong emphasis on getting things right and such was my complete adherence. And where was God in all of this? Patiently waiting.

Over the years I’ve made strides to improve my attentiveness to God.  This has enhanced my prayer walk, because I spend more time bragging on Him to Him due to Him than the rest of my needs content.  I encourage you to give God verbal glory in both prayer and daily conversation.

To be sold on church is quite different than being sold out to God.  The former can be really good or it can become the god of our engagement-oriented needs.  The latter (sold out) would include our development and our service with the addition that we are to be more conscious of God than any of our works.

Sunday is here!  You’ll be blessed by re-forming bonds with your favorites.  Some, like myself, will be equally charged to be introduced to guests whom we’ve not yet met.  But I cheer you on.  Be first and foremost enamored with the God of all Creation.  He.  Alone.  Makes.  Life.  Tick.