Duane Arnold retired as a USPS rural mail carrier from the Memphis Post Office on December 29, 2017. Duane was hired as a substitute rural carrier in May of 1982. He subbed for Route 3 for Ora Armstrong and a short time on Route 2 for Ted Gundy before he started carrying full-time September 24, 1988 on Route 1. He transferred to Route 3 when Ora Armstrong retired a few years later.

Duane retired with a total of 35 years and 7 months service. Postmasters during his time at the post office were Dwight DeRosear, Gary Bush, Terri Starbuck, and Monica March. Duane had the same sub for 25 years until Gail Farley accepted a full-time position two years ago.

Duane had always wanted to follow in his mother’s footsteps working for the post office. Duane’s mother, Natalie Joy Arnold, worked at the Gorin Post Office for several years and was the Gorin Post Master when she passed away.

Duane’s favorite cars of choice for the route were Ford Fairmonts. He’s not sure how many of those he went through, but at least seven. He finally converted to a right hand drive in the last few years.

Duane is married to Sandy Arnold and has two sons, Nathan and his wife Angela of Independence, Missouri, and Todd and his wife Jill of Hannibal Missouri. Grandchildren are Connor, Jay and Natalie of Hannibal and Carson and Keylinn of Independence.

Duane intends to spend more time with his grandchildren and work on his hobby car.

Duane has enjoyed his time with the post office. He always carried packs of gum for the kids. Holidays were always a treat with homemade candy and cookies waiting in the mailbox. He appreciates all of the kindnesses and courtesies extended to him during his career, and wishes his deliver patrons and coworkers the best in the future.