Another fairly dry week.  We did receive 0.8 inches over the weekend of much needed rain. My yard, however, is still brown. I mow the ditches and the dust. I also try to keep the young trees watered and all the flowers.

I have three baby blues growing fast and will be ready to fly soon.  There are a few Robins with babies about ready to go also.  I am amazed at how fast they grow, and are ready to leave the nest.

The same is going for the summer. Soon it will be September, and thoughts of fall will enter our minds.  Seasons change and there will be beauty to expect for that time of year also.

I have at least four bluebirds in my front yard feeding their young in the trees. I hatched out five in two different houses, so I am sure that it is their families that are out here enjoying the meal worms and other things that they can forage.  They also get a lot of use out of the bird baths.

I have one ground bath, and one on the front porch and one downstairs in the cactus garden. They are all well used. We enjoy watching the Robins.  They make a big splash during bath time. The Bluebirds really like to splash as well.  Keep fresh water out for the feathered friends, they will thank you for it.

Are you having any special birds at your feeders? I sure enjoy the morning visits on the back deck from the hummingbirds. They have been moved to the back of the house all together. The sparrows will not leave the feeders alone on the front porch. It’s very depressing.  I have all kinds of things hanging up to deter them, but they can spot that hummingbird feeder in no time, even if I have had it down for a couple of weeks.  Hopefully, by fall time I can return one of them to the front.

The trails have been mowed, and the wild flower patch is open, so come take a walk.  Until next time, good birdwatching.