As I have said these past few months, where does time go?  July 17th already.  It has been a dry July too.  We could use a rain. In April and May, when I think all those annuals are beautiful and would look great in the yard, I seem to forget about July and August being dry and watering all those plants.

Some of the Purple Martins are preparing to leave, and some of them may already be gone.  Five of my baby blues have flown. They were big babies and ready to go.  My front porch Wren’s little ones are about ready to fly as well. 

So far I have seven bluebird eggs being incubated. I have four new babies on one trail.  I have decided that the deeper the bluebird house is, and with guards on the door, the harder it is for predators to get in. After all the trouble I have had this spring and summer, I have came to the conclusion that if the house is 2-3 inches taller, and with the additional guard around the entrance hole that this makes it almost impossible for the varmints to reach in the nest.  I believe one house on the trails that is truly taller with a guard saved the tiny babies last week. 

The Robins have been quiet now, and finishing up raising their young. How about all of the birds in your yard, are you still waiting on those second or third hatches in your bluebird boxes? I have a very good friend that lives at Fayette, Missouri. She has several bluebird houses. Her bluebirds, however, love a pickup bed trailer.  There is a space they get into and build their nest every year. They are on their second nest in it now.  Such a neat sight. I have another friend in Springfield, Missouri, who put up a new bluebird house this spring, along with a new Purple Martin House.  She got in touch with me last night and told me that her Bluebirds are building in the Martin house. They will build in pipes and other strange openings.  I had one build in a tree in the front yard this spring. If there is an existing cavity, they will use it. 

I have had lots of interesting birds in my yard this year, Wrens, Bluebirds, Phoebe, Bluebirds, Robins, Purple Martins, and Chipping Sparrows.  They are all so much fun to watch. I hope that all of you had interesting birds to watch this summer in your yard or trails.  Until next time, good bird watching.