The Board of the City of Downing convened at 6:00 p.m. on September 10, 2018 with Mayor Alan Garrett presiding. Present were Aldermen Ray Bange, Bill Anderson, Gene Bruner, and Hannah Poe. City Clerk Carol Dryden and Water/Waste Water Operator John Petary.

Copies of the agenda, minutes of the last meeting, deposits & disbursements, monthly water report, and account balances were given to all present.

Mayor Alan Garrett called the meeting to order.

A motion to approve the agenda was made by Gene Bruner and seconded by Ray Bange and carried unanimously.

A motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting was made by Bill Anderson and seconded by Gene Bruner and carried unanimously.

A motion to approve the bills was made by Ray Bange and seconded by Bill Anderson and carried unanimously.

Tracey Gooden with Hawkins Harrison Insurance Group was here to go over our renewal policies. We made some changes and then Ray Bange made a motion to approve the policies, seconded by Hannah Poe and carried unanimously.

John Gillum came to go over our 2016 and 2017 Audits. He spent the time to explain each one of them to us.

Water/Waste Water Report: Water system is doing well. We do need to flush the lines so he will get to that soon. The lagoon is about ready to open up again so John will have more tasks to perform on that. We are getting a lot of rain water in the lagoon so will be looking into getting a smoke test done.

Street Maintenance: After all the rain we had, the roads are again in need of some work. John will be getting on them as soon as he can. He also has a lot of mowing to do after the rain.

Old and Unfinished Business: MECO is about done with our PER and will be contacting us soon with the results. Still trying to get information from Advanced Disposal on trash pickup.

New Business: We need to widen the ramp coming in the door as people are stepping off the side and the front door is rusting out at the bottom. Will get some estimates on getting these things done.

Positive Thoughts: It rained and a lot of the ponds are looking better.

A motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 p.m. was made by Bill Anderson and seconded by Ray Bange and carried unanimously.

Submitted by City Clerk Carol Dryden