Don “Buck” Tague, of Gorin, joined eleven Korean War veterans in attending the Annual Reunion of the Army Chapter of the Chosen Few in Springfield, Missouri, from May 24 to May 26.

The banquet, a highlight of the reunion, seated Buck, his son, Paul Tague, also of Gorin, and his granddaughter Michelle Krall who lives in Springfield.  Michelle is the daughter of Buck’s second daughter, Jane Klopfer; and Michelle was accompanied by her husband Jeremy and her son, Caleb.  A total of 70 people enjoyed this meal as well as the Korean entertainment provided by local Springfield entertainers or by the Korean Consulate from Chicago.

Paul Tague said that, strikingly, an entire table of Koreans at the banquet stood in response to a speaker asking that veterans of the United States Armed Forces stand.

Buck made it back to Gorin in time to be the Sergeant of Arms at the Gorin Cemetery Sunday May 27.