To our community,

There are two men that I quote on a regular basis, my dad and Abraham Lincoln. Not just for their knowledge, but because I’ve come to understand and respect their dignity and character.

Recently, my law class students had the privilege of touring the Thomas F. Eagleton United States Courthouse in St Louis. Rachel Marshall, a wonderful lady and tour guide, organized our itinerary and made it unforgettable once again.

Another one of our gracious hosts was Senior Judge E. Richard Webber. Knowledgeable, I don’t need to remind you of this. Kind, this is obvious if you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting with him. Humble, to the extent of temporarily stopping a federal court proceeding, of which he was presiding over, to recognize my Scotland County law students and then stepping into the hallway to wish us safe travels and to convey to us how much he appreciated us coming to visit.

Quoting from the movie Lincoln, the President says “time is a great thickener of things.” Judge Webber’s love and respect for all of Scotland County continues to “thicken” with time. Your honor, thank you for inspiring the youth of Scotland County and showing us that dignity and character can last a lifetime.

Scotland County H.S. teacher,

Marc Colvin