I have had such an exciting week on the trails. I have two “Blues” sitting on four eggs each.  It is so amazing after their rough start.

On Easter Sunday two of my granddaughters went for a walk on the trails. As we were all sitting around visiting, in they came proud to be carrying a nest with 4 blue eggs in it.  I almost choked, and asked if they knew they should not have done that. We marched right out and headed back on the trails to replace the nest.

The closer I got to the birdhouse, they decided they should tell me they had taken a nest from one house, discarded the other one, and “made” the nest with eggs from one nest and brought the mess to the house.  We proceeded to put the nest on the ground back in the house, replace the eggs in it, and take the other nest back to the correct house.

I am happy to report that is the two nests I have with eggs in them on the trails.  It is hard to break up a determined bluebird’s nest!

I also had a Purple Martin scout today.  I am so happy that Duane and I cleaned out the Martin house today, and it is ready.  The scout was sitting down at the lake on the zip line when I was running errands down there.

I also spotted a male pheasant today.  I am so happy.  It has taken us years to coax them here along with more quail.  I also have a covey of quail.

As I sit here on the front porch writing this, I have “blues” here in the front yard talking to me. Such a pleasant sound. The only feathered friend I don’t have this week is turkeys.  You should be spotting a hummer soon. I have had one bird watcher let me know she had one appear this week.  Keep your eyes open, and get your feeders ready.

Until next time, good bird watching!