This is what we do. Jesus is quite clear on this matter. How we treat others–how we assess others–will be the guideline for our judgment/assessment in the Big Day. This, therefore, is a rather significant issue, would you think?

Significant? It’s a matter of eternal life or eternal death.

The Bible offers out-of-this-world directives for healing broken relationships. Why would God teach and Jesus walk such traits as peace, mercy, grace, and forgiveness? That’s the purpose of the Life-Giving Cross.

Do we think that taking up our crosses and following Him is fairytale lingo? Do we have the room to give His execution a shrug and a nod while we carry on with our resentment toward others while disavowing the truth of our own infractions toward others?

We’ve been offended. And, we’ve highly offended. It seems, that for us, the former rules; but the latter takes the back seat in our minds. Not so with the Judgment. Our treatment of others–whether of grace or of quint-eyed anger–sets the stage for our day when we stand before the Throne.

Don’t be dooped into harboring agitation toward another. We can’t afford the final expense…setting aside our eternity with God. To forgive is the message of the Savior toward each of us… with the anticipation/expectation that we carry it forward.

“Take up your cross daily” is for a specific reason. It continues the thread of the most impossible wonder that is truly possible…allowing even our enemies to have a new start… again… today.

Your Cross kills you… and gives life to others. This. Is. Authentic. Non-fake. Christianity. At. Its. Core.