To believe God, I have discovered, is anything but casual in attempt. He is so mighty, so strong, so enormous, and so deep in His love for us. Our human nature is to control our learnabilities so that we “think” we come out looking good to those around us.

And there is a huge inbuilt problem with that. First, dying from our crosses is not a “beauty pageant”. Too, those around us are precisely like us; suspect and weak.

Without sounding bullish or bossy, I wish to convey that to dare to believe God requires a strength of inner singularity; especially when any around us believe God with the asterisk signifying deliberate hesitation.

Believe Him if…even if no one else does.

We are so prone to believe in sync. Oh, of course we vary from other groups and their core beliefs. Yet, we still tend to look around at our colleagues with the silent question, “Do you think that’s right?” And we then link to whatever read we take from those around us…more than personally daring to believe God.

Hesitational faith is not biblically-called faith. It is more political. It is riddled with wavering. How long, even as a minister, I looked to others to see if I was accepted in what I was learning. Still, too many around us are more “repeaters” and “rehearsers” than “learners”.

The Truth you know today will still be eternal at every tomorrow. It’s the Personal Preferences which aren’t Truth; but are labeled as truth, that causes the angst. Some of us are too fearful to learn new ways. Others? Simply too lazy.

Believing God is the re-research of a disciple. I cheer you forward. Do not be intimidated by others’ glares. And don’t shut down because you are nervous that you might discover something new.

If you are reading the word of God… both will be likely.