dar 125

NSDAR Chapters all across America and several foreign chapters are celebrating the 125th anniversary of the founding of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, October 11, 1890.

After being denied membership in the newly nationalized various groups of the Sons of the American Revolution, four ladies in the Washington, D.C. area set about organizing a national organization for the Daughters of the American Revolution. The four founders were Mary Smith Lockwood, Mary Desha, Ellen Hardin Walworth, and Eugenia Washington, a descendant of Samuel Washington, (brother of George Washington). After being refused membership in the SAR (several early groups allowed women), Mrs. Lockwood wrote a scathing letter to the Washington; Post. A short quote from her letter asks ‘were there no mothers of the Revolution? I have heard of a man who had a dam by a mill site, while he had no mill by a dam site, but I have yet to hear of a man who had a Revolutionary sire without a dam by the home site.” Her article was reprinted by numerous newspapers nationwide and drew members from all across America.

The first meeting was held in late July, 1890. On August 9, 1890, three of the four founders met in the home of Mrs. Walworth. (A severe storm kept one away.) At this time .a constitution was adopted and important groundwork laid for the founding of the society. The first officers were later elected and the charter was approved by Congress October 11, 1890. (some felt the founding date should be August 9.)

The first President General was Caroline Scott Harrison, wife of President Benjamin Harrison. As she had many responsibilities as “First Lady”, she needed an assistant. This was capably filled by Mary Virginia Ellet Cabell, First Vice-president presiding.

As these six ladies represented both the North and South, it was felt DAR would help bind up the wounds of the Civil War.

The mission of DAR is to promote historic preservation, education and patriotism. The motto is God, Home and Country.

Membership is 165,000 in 3000 chapters in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and several foreign nations.

With 125 years of tradition, over 850,000 members have been admitted since the founding in 1890.

DAR is a non-profit, non-political volunteer women’s service organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history and securing America’s future through better education.

Jauflione Chapter, NSDAR was organized December 5, 1936 with 19 members. Several state officers attended the organizational meeting including State Regent, Mrs. Henry Chiles. Jauflione Is the Indian name for the Fabius River.

Submitted by June Kice, Regent Jauflione Chapter, NSDAR