Is the glass half full or half empty? The recent 2019 Scotland County Bridge summary in conjunction with the Missouri Department of Transportation offered some numbers for local constituents that may quench their thirst or waiting for a refill.

With seven structures over 50 years in age the county has some work to be done. However, with just seven crossings on the to do list, MoDOT reported Scotland County is in relatively good shape considering the county is responsible for a grand total of 149 bridges as well as nine culverts.

The positive report is due in large part to recent efforts by the county. Since 2009, Scotland County has built 21 new bridges.

Now local government will be tasked with considering the future of the seven neediest crossings according to MoDOT inspectors and engineers.

Bridge 0630012 on County Road 664 is faced with heavy scour and erosion at both abutments. The erosion has reached the roadway.

MoDOT inspectors have recommended the county place rock at abutments and wing walls to help stabilize the situation.

Initial estimate costs for replacing the bridge, built in 1991, were $156,201 for a new 69-foot bridge to replace the current 47-foot crossing.

Bridge 1540012 on County Road also is battling heavy scour and erosion around both abutments and has garnered similar recommendations from MODT.

The 40-foot bridge was built in 2001. MoDOT estimated costs of $140,354 to replace it with a new 62-foot crossing.

Bridge 2050014 on County Road 504 has an identical diagnosis and similar recommendations for maintenance. The 30-foot bridge was built in 1995

Bridge 3510006 on County 365 has heavy scour and erosion on the south abutment. Previously the county has placed rock upstream on the south bank, but erosion has returned around both wing walls and around the south abutment.

The 24-foot bridge was constructed in 2001. Estimated costs for replacement with a new 46-foot bridge were $104,134.

Bridge 3540003 on County Road 361 has heavy erosion and scour around the abutments. The abutments consists of a concrete beam cap on hollow pipe piles. MoDOT inspectors noted there is a large amount of drift under the bridge that may cause future erosion problems.

The 72-foot bridge was built in 1990.

Bridge 1200001 on County Road 961 was closed in 2018. In 2021 this bridge will be removed from the inventory and will no longer be eligible for federal funds.

Culvert 2420017 on County Road 561 is nearing the end of its service life. The culvert floor is deteriorating allowing water to flow under the culvert. This could cause the culvert to move during heavy rainfall.