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Have you been sitting in your deer stand waiting for a deer to walk by and hear walking in the leaves thinking it’s a trophy buck walking in your direction, only to observe a squirrel scampering through the woods? I would imagine that scenario has occurred more than once….am I right? Well, now that the rifle deer seasons are over, why not try squirrel hunting from that deer stand?

When squirrel hunting, I prefer to use a .22 rifle, but others may choose to hunt squirrels with a pellet rifle or even a shotgun.  Squirrels may be pursued in a variety of ways as well.  Some hunters prefer the use of dogs, while others hunt from a stationary location like a deer stand or just simply sit at the base of a tree.

Squirrel hunting provides numerous opportunities to “Discover Nature” as Missouri’s squirrel season is open from the 4th Saturday in May through February 15th each year.  Hunters may harvest 10 squirrels daily, so that will provide plenty of meat for the supper table.

Squirrels are good to eat and may be prepared in a variety of ways.  So, find a recipe you like and then head to the woods in search of that main ingredient.

If you would like more information about squirrel hunting or how to prepare squirrel as table fare, you may search the Missouri Department of Conservation’s web site at www.mdc.mo.gov