By: G.R. Miller

Missouri Conservation Agent

Recently, I have received several questions concerning the availability of antlerless deer tags and other regulations as they relate to the firearm deer seasons.  So, I thought I would address a few of these questions this week.

First, the restriction on antlerless tags only effects the firearm deer seasons. Archery hunters may still purchase an unlimited number of antlerless tags. However, firearm deer hunters are limited to one antlerless tag per hunter per county.  What this means is that a hunter may buy one any-deer tag and one antlerless tag for Scotland County, but if the hunter has additional land to hunt in another county, they may purchase an antlerless tag for that county as well.

Landowner firearm deer tags have not changed at all from last year.  A landowner who owns between 5 and 74 acres may receive 1 any-deer permit at no cost. Landowners who own 75 acres or more may receive 1 any-deer permit and 2 antlerless tags at no cost.

Tagging and Checking regulations this fall are the same as they were for the turkey season this past spring.  Hunters must invalidate their tag immediately after harvest by notching the month and day on the tag.  The tag must be attached to the animal if the hunter is not in the immediate presence of it. Deer must be checked by 10 p.m. on the day taken.  Hunters must write the telecheck confirmation number on the permit.  All deer must be telechecked before the deer may be processed.

As always, if you have additional questions concerning deer regulations or any other regulation, you may contact me at (660) 216-1374 or the Missouri Department of Conservation’s Northeast Regional Office at (660) 785-2420.