Our S.C.M.H. appears to be on life support. Will this hospital be a DOA, DNR, FULL CODE OR COMFOMFORT MEASURES ONLY RURAL ACCESS HOSPITAL? Can this hospital stay alive? The answer is YES… WITH THE HELP OF THE PEOPLE WHO ARE PROBLEM SOLVERS.

This area has people from all backgrounds who are problem solvers. We are: farmers, teachers, accountants, nurses, current and retired business owners, bankers, lawyers, civil servants, retired military, elected office holders, people who have served or are currently serving on district and state health councils, people with varied skills, former CFO’S and CEO’S.

We can, if given the opportunity, in an open public forum, address issues concerning our hospital status… but there is an elephant in the room. It is the Blessing affiliation and integration issue. How does this arrangement or perceived arrangement affect our health care?

This is the time for the Board and upper administration to be “transparent” about hospital status. Answer our questions. Give us consideration to offer ideas that could benefit our health care. Do not cut and run!

The following are some of the questions that need to be addressed.

1.) Is the contract with Blessing a management or lease contract?

2.) What is the length of the contract? Is there a clause for a reassessment in six months for an evaluation of financial status. Who is writing the contract and who is reviewing the different clauses within the contract?

3.) How will reimbursement for monies be handled since we are a rural access hospital who receives more money for services provided than Blessing

4.) Will office calls fees jump from $130.00 to $188.00?

5.) How will our obligations and loans be repaid?

6)    Will IT and transcription be outsourced like most of the other departments?

7)    How do we recruit staff? What federal and state programs are available for repayment of doctor and nurse student loans when they come to practice in a lower income area?

8)    Have we looked for charitable and non-profit foundations interested in advancing rural health care?

9.)   Have we reached out to the military community for doctors and nurses who might be looking for a noncombat zone to practice in?

10.)  Will S.C.M.H. retain all our equipment or will it be sent to another facility?

11.)  Who will be in charge of billing?

These are just some of the issues that need to be addressed in a public forum.

This last paragraph is addressed to “The People”. Show up at board meetings, bring a Plan. Tell the Board this is not a DOA hospital. We are a Full Code and we can survive!

Sincerely, Lee Shultz, RN, BSN