Lights, camera, action. It might not be a high-budget film per Hollywood standards, but the City of Memphis is set to  spend more than $180,000 over the next four years for video work related to the municipal sewer system.

On October 3rd, the City Council unanimously approved a contract with Visu-Sewer of St. Louis to provide closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection of the city’s roughly 75,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer. As part of the process, the service provider will also perform jetting services to clean the sewer lines while also vacuuming and removing debris from the system.

The agreement calls for a minimum of 18,750 linear feet of sewer to be cleaned and digitally reviewed this fall, with the remaining lines to be completed in years two, three and four of the contract.

The inspection process will provide the city with digital video of the entire system as well as database reports on the lines that will allow the city to prioritize areas for repairs and upgrades as it works to make improvements to the sanitary sewer.

Part of the contract with Visu-Sewer is professional analysis by the company regarding severity of any structure defects detected and recommendations for future pipeline rehabilitation, including estimated costs.

The project will include service to roughly 66,000 feet of sewer main pipe ranging in width from 8 to 12 inches, another 4,500 linear feet of six-inch service lines and just shy of 4,000 linear feet of 15-inch main trunk line.