The Board of Aldermen of the City of Memphis met in regular session on Thursday, June 6, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. in Memphis City Hall.  Mayor William Reckenberg called the meeting to order.  Aldermen present were:  Tom Glass, Jobe Justice, Chris Feeney, and Jenny Aldridge.  Others in attendance were:  City Administrator Allen Creek; City Supt. Roy Monroe; Utility Supt. Stacy Alexander; City Marshal Jeremy Head; Philip Wilson, McClure Eng.; and City Clerk Angela Newman.


Alderman Feeney moved and Alderman Glass seconded to approve the minutes of the May 2, 2019, May 15, 2019, and May 28, 2019 meetings.  Vote:  Glass, Justice, Feeney, and Aldridge, all aye.


Alderman Glass moved and Alderman Justice seconded to approve payment of the monthly bills as presented.  Vote:  Glass, Justice, Feeney, and Aldridge, all aye.


Review of Water System Improvements Bids – Philip Wilson, McClure, Engineering

Philip Wilson – McClure Engineering – addressed the council regarding the water system improvement bids opened on Wednesday, May 29, 2019.  The bids for the water treatment plant improvements came in much higher than anticipated.  The distribution system improvements bids were as expected and painting of the water tower was over slightly from the engineers estimate.

Wilson has consulted with Jeremy Rackers at Department of Natural Resources regarding the projects as well as City Administrator Creek and Utility Supt. Alexander.  The City is approved for $1.8 million in grant funds.  The rest of the project would be financed through a State Revolving Fund loan.  The Safe Drinking Water Commission will be meeting on June 17th and the City will need to request approval from the Commission for additional funding.  Alderman Feeney moved and Alderman Glass seconded to request additional funding from the Safe Drinking Water Commission.  Vote:  Glass, Justice, Feeney, and Aldridge, all aye.  No action was taken on the bids.

Liquor License Application – Keith’s Café

A liquor license application from Keith’s Café for the sale of malt liquor and wines by the drink was presented for approval.  Alderman Feeney moved and Alderman Glass seconded to approve the application.  Vote:  Glass, Justice, and Feeney, all aye; Aldridge, abstained.

Proposed Excavation Permit Sample

A sample excavation permit form was presented to the council for consideration.  The City is anticipating adopting an updated code in the near future and will adopt the form at that time.


City Administrator Creek reported he had received a report from the forensic team analyzing the ransomware attack on city computers.  The report stated no electronic data was viewed or removed.  The PubWorks software has been changed over to cloud-based and the accounting and utility software have both been fully restored.

Armour Equipment demonstrated a street sweeper and vac truck for city crews.  Creek and Alexander met with Visu-Sewer and are awaiting a firm quote to clean and inspect sewer lines and install a liner on 27 manholes which are rated as poor to very poor.  Creek and Supt. Monroe met with Joe Pestka with Jviation regarding upcoming airport projects and funding.

Supt. Monroe reported he had met with Trinity Davis regarding drilling holes for backstroke flags and a display cabinet at the pool for the purpose of displaying the swim team awards.  Monroe is awaiting an estimate on stabilizing the bank at the pool.   Monroe has been pouring concrete pads at the lake for tables and grills.  Monroe also suggested the levy built by the City be raised following the most recent flooding west of town.

Utility Supt. Alexander reported the line crew is working on an electrical review in which a few discrepancies have been found and corrected.

City Marshal Head presented a written report of the police departments activities in the past month.  Head asked permission to hire a POST Certified part-time officer for one shift per week.  Council unanimously approved the request.

Head reported an increase in electric scooters in town and suggested the City consider adopting an ordinance regulating the scooters.  Head also reported issues regarding parking at the Memphis Housing complex and suggested installing removable speed bumps in high traffic areas throughout town in an effort to slow down vehicles in those areas.


Council further discussed the purchasing of concession stand supplies and requested Gatorade and water be purchased locally from Pepsi and all other items be purchased from local businesses.


The July 4th council meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 3rd at 6:30 due to the 4th of July holiday.


Alderman Feeney moved and Alderman Aldridge seconded to adjourn into closed session pursuant to RSMo. 610.021(1) – legal actions, causes of action or litigation and RSMo. 610.021(2) – leasing, purchase or sale of real estate.  Vote:  Glass, Justice, Feeney, and Aldridge, all aye.

Council met in closed session to review pending legal issues and discuss the purchase of real estate. 

Alderman Feeney moved and Alderman Justice seconded to adjourn from closed session.  Vote:  Glass, Justice, Feeney, and Aldridge, all aye.

Closed session adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Alderman Glass moved and Alderman Justice seconded to adjourn.  Vote:  Glass, Justice, Feeney, and Aldridge, all aye.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.