A new earthen levee has been constructed on the north west edge of the municipal property to help protect the power substation for potential flooding.

The Board of Aldermen of the City of Memphis met in regular session on Thursday, July 6, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. in Memphis City Hall. Mayor William Reckenberg called the meeting to order.  Aldermen present were:  Tom Glass, Andrea Brassfield, Chris Feeney, and Lucas Remley.  Others in attendance were:  City Supt. Roy Monroe, Utility Supt. Stacy Alexander, and City Marshal Bill Holland; citizen Laura Schenk; reporter Rick Fischer; and City Clerk Angela Newman.

Levee Update

City Supt. Roy Monroe reported the City’s portion of the flood levee is almost finished along the north side of the city’s west property line near the municipal water and light plants.

The earthen structure runs from the old railroad embankment north to the hill on the  Kirkpatrick property, approximately 350’ in length. The levee stands roughly 3.5-feet above the  foundation of the adjacent electrical substation.

Monroe indicated it was his belief that much of the flooding issues on the property were coming from the natural “funnel” that existed between the old railroad embankment and the hillside.

“I’m certain that the levee will solve the flooding threat for the substation,” Monroe said.

He asked the council if they would like to wait and see if flooding issues continue on the remainder of the property. He indicated another 550 feet of levee could be constructed west of the All-States’ property to offer further protection for the water plant, but added that it was his belief the current levee would offer sufficient protection.

The council agreed not to proceed any further with the levee at this time.


Bill No. 17-10 – Authorize Agreement with Red Rock – was presented and read two times by City Clerk Angela Newman.  Alderman Feeney moved and Alderman Glass seconded to adopt Bill No. 17-10.  Vote:  Feeney, aye; Glass, aye; Brassfield, aye; and Remley, aye.

The bill authorized a contract of $71,000 with the Kidder, Missouri firm for the demolition and removal of 10 commercial properties and one commercial building as part of the city’s Community Development Block Grant.

Bill No. 17-11 – Authorize Agreement with Great Plains Asbestos Control, Inc. – was presented and read two times by City Clerk Newman.  Alderman Feeney moved and Alderman Glass seconded to adopt Bill No. 17-11.  Vote:  Feeney, aye; Glass, aye; Brassfield, aye; and Remley, aye.

The bill approved a $7,400 contract with the Kearney, Missouri firm for asbestos removal at the demolition sites.

Propane Bids

Three bids for propane service at the city airport and police department were received.  Bids received were as follows:             Ferrellgas – $0.989 per gallon; MFA Oil – $1.199 per gallon; Prairieland, FS – $1.199 per gallon; or prepaid pricing – $1.149 per gallon

Alderman Glass moved and Alderman Brassfield seconded to accept the low bid from Ferrellgas in the amount of $0.989 per gallon for September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018.

Department Reports

Supt. Monroe reported he has been discussing installing an archery range at Lake ShowMe with the Missouri Department of Conservation.  The Department of Conservation would fund 90% of the project.  Council agreed to move forward with the project.  Monroe will report back to the council with a design and cost estimate.

Monroe suggested implementing a weekly camping rate of $90 per week at Lake ShowMe.   The current rate is $15 per night.  Monroe also would like to move one of the swing sets from the old lake to the Lake ShowMe campground.  Council unanimously agreed to both requests.

Monroe asked council to once again consider a partial payout of sick leave upon retirement.

Utility Supt. Stacy Alexander reported rural water had received water from the city for fifteen days and purchased approximately one million gallons of water.

City Marshal Bill Holland reported the department has been writing numerous speeding tickets and utilizing radar in an effort to slow down traffic throughout town.

Aldermen Reports

Alderman Glass inquired about an out-of-service fire hydrant and if it could be removed.  Supt. Monroe will check with Foreman Randall Aldridge.

Alderman Remley suggested replacing the older shelters at Johnson Park and installing two elliptical machines in the shelters for use by parents as children are playing.  It was proposed the City crews make the shelters during the winter months.

Mayor’s Report

Mayor Reckenberg reported there will be a meeting with the rural fire board and firemen on Wednesday, July 19th at the fire house at 7:30 p.m.  Purpose of the meeting is to discuss the purchase of a fire truck for the City.  Council agreed to meet prior to the meeting at 7:00 p.m. in City Hall to review the City’s budget for the fire department.