An agreement to purchase approximately 0.66 acres of property at the south edge of Johnson Park to add to the recreational property was finalized at a April 16th special meeting of the Memphis City Council.

Poole Forge Properties, L.L.C. had recently purchased a residential property on Jefferson Street on the south side of the park. The company agreed to sell a portion of the back lot of the property, approximately 120 wide by 240 feet long.

With the sand volleyball court being relocated to the north end of the park, the expansion adds to the available space at the south end of the center, which currently houses a portion of the park’s disc golf course.

The council indicated it did not have immediate specific plans for the property, but made the purchase with future growth in mind.

The purchase price for the parcel was $9,000.

The southwest corner of the park block remains residentially zoned with two properties on Jefferson Street.