I’m writing about the County Roads in the Eastern District. They are in the worst shape than they have ever been.

We met with the Commissioners on 10-3-19. They gave us all kinds of excuses of why they haven’t been on our roads. Roads No. 115-156-158-164.

I’m sure the rest of the roads in the Eastern District are just as bad as ours and may be some worse.

Most of our gravel is pushed off in the ditches and the roads have the ditches pretty much in the middle of the roads. They need to get the gravel back up in the road and make ditches where they were meant to be.

Well, October 18th they sent Graders to “Grade” the four roads mentioned above, but they didn’t grade the roads. They pushed dirt and gravel in the ruts and ditches and also pushed more of the gravel in the ditches instead of bringing it back on the road.

Now if we have another big rain we are still going to have the same problem as before.

It would be appreciated if the Commissioners would just drive down and look at the job they did “Grading” the roads.

This end of the county pays a lot of money for rock on our taxes too but don’t seem to get much for our money.

All of the County’s should be treated equal but aren’t.

October 21st. We had rain over night and the roads are just like they were before they “Graded” them.

I have to wonder how the CHOSEN FEW Roads are this Morning.

Ralph & Betty Erickson