Participants in the annual Childers Mill day were, back row (L to R) Katherine Martin, Richard Arnold, Steve Barber, Adam Arnold, Carly Ringlespaugh, Kat Paton, Theodore Arnold, Jean Arnold, Joe Forrester, Philip Forrester, and Ron Hance. Kneeling are Ann Robinson, Sue Guio, Victor Childers and Mark Forrester.

September 8, 2018 was the day that descendents of Squire Childers, neighbors and friends gathered at the family farm in Sandhill to again run the grist mill, grinding corn and wheat into meal and flour. A crew of 15+ was kept busy, keeping the machinery running, getting the corn and wheat into the hopper, catching and bagging the finished product And a very capable crew they were! A lot of watching, picture taking and visiting went on at the same time

When the grinding was completed, Victor Childers gave a short history of the mill. He then gave a blessing for the food which had been prepared by Elaine Forrester and her helpers from the Rutledge School Restoration Group.

A total of 71 people from eight states and two foreign countries signed the register. They were Victor Childers, Richard, Jean and Theodore Arnold, Kat Paton, Carly Ringlespaugh, all of Indianapolis IN; Christine Harrison, Brownsburg IN; Katharine Childers Martin, Saint Johns FL; Max McRobert, Venice FL; Dawn Kirkpatrick, Orlando FL; Colleen Shelley, Falls Church VA; Ron and Rachel Hance, Auburn WA; John and Sue Guio, De Kalb IL; Ann Robinson, Des Moines IA; Freda Mohr Bumgarner, Farmington IA; Alan Mohr, West Burlington IA; Mathew Siugren, Eau Clair WI; Eric Weiland, Flint Ml; Andre Ivanou, Moscow, Russia; Naomi Woodward, Canada. From Missouri were Paul Slater, Bridgeton; Joe Forrester, Columbia; Mark Forrester, Scott and Beth Kasper, Jeremy Kasper, Kansas City; Philip Forrester, Springfield; Chad Matlick and Cole, Johnny and Carol Matlick, Wentzville; Adam Victor Childers-Arnold, Jackson Kasper, Diane Johnson, Dennis Goodman, Steve Barber, Kirksville; Steve and Elaine McPherson, LaBelle; Don Tague, Dale Tague, Gorin; Ruth Ann Carnes, Elaine Forrester, Lonnie and Reva Triplett, Mitch McClamrock, Memphis; Reva Hustead, Martin Guinn, Colony; Jim, Alisa and Eli Kigar, Bible Grove; Opal Blaine, Dorothy Clark, Bob Hunolt, John and Beverly Cole, LeRoy and Jane Huff, Oren and Celina Erickson, Ivan and Anna Mae Good, Allen Good, Bob and Angela Neese, Rutledge; Emery Black, Trish Clarkweiss, Joshua Clarkweiss, Lacen Clarkweiss, Kris Harmelink, Dottie, Sandhill.

Another enjoyable day for the history books, starring the Childers Family!