Members of the Memphis Chamber of Commerce joined the Scotland County Hospital Board and administration and staff members of the new Tiger Cub Care day care center for a ribbon cutting ceremony on June 5th to mark the open of the ceremony. Dr. Lisa Rollison did the honors of cutting the ribbon.

On Wednesday, June 5th, Scotland County Hospital, along with the Memphis Area Chamber of Commerce, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the hospital’s new employee child care center, Tiger Cub Care (TCC). With the support of the hospital Board of Directors, this project has been in development for over two years, and everyone involved is pleased to see it achieve fruition.

Director Abby Manco, AAS, in conjunction with TCC committee members Ashley Harvey, BS, RN, BSN, Barbara Dunnett, LPN, Lacie Snyder, RN, and Lisa Rollison, DO, FACOS, have worked diligently to overcome several hurdles to make the dream a reality with much-appreciated assistance from many others, including several generous financial donors.

“Health care workers have a special set of challenges when it comes to child care,” says Dr. Rollison. “We work before and after business hours, summers, school breaks, and holidays to care for our patients. We’re in an area where daycare openings are often hard to find. And while the quality of care in our community is excellent, we sought to create a service more tailored to the needs of our employees.”

An on-site daycare is an important factor when attracting talented employees.

“I can’t overstate how incredibly difficult it is to attract physicians, nurses, radiology technicians, and employees of all types to our area,” says Rollison. “Limited financial resources prevent us from offering higher salaries than our competitors. We have to find creative, cost effective ways to attract and keep people here.”

Tiger Cub Care is not free to employees. Rollison continues, “We are pricing the services at competitive but fair rates to cover our costs, and we hope to see savings in employee retention, increased productivity, and decreased absenteeism due to child care emergencies.”

Capacity is currently limited to four infants and 20 children age two and over, and the facility opened its doors with nearly that many children enrolled. If interest continues to grow, it is possible that Tiger Cub Care could expand into a larger facility and possibly open to the community at large.

“We obtained a license for many additional children but are currently limited by space. We had to start small, but if the demand is there we will find a way to grow and accommodate our employees. Similarly, we hope to expand hours. We strive to eventually offer on-demand care 24 hours per day for emergency call crews and overnight employees. We’ve missed out on highly talented OR nurses, techs, and overnight staff hospital-wide because they had no one to care for their children. Fewer people working nights and call puts stress on our hard-working crew. We need to fix that.”

Please contact Abby Manco or Dr. Rollison at 660-465-2828 for more information.