I probably shouldn’t try to compose letters to Chris Feeney. Why? Because I’m word challenged, that’s why!

Now my wife is not word challenged. In fact, she is quite a conversationalist. Why, I’ve seen her driving down the highway at a high rate of speed, while carrying on a spirited discussion with three passengers, while at the same time, texting with her friend in Washington State about “married life” and simultaneously, talking on her cell phone ear bob thing to our daughters about the grandkids. And also be applying pink neon nail polish to her toenails!

I run out of steam. My bride gets sort of exasperated with me at times. I mean, some days I can get by on 38 or 39 words! You think I’m bad? Well, I have a brother-in-law that can get by on 11 words some days. He thinks I’m a chatterbox.

I need to respond to the nice letter, of epic proportions, by Karlin S. High. Next month I’m finally going to read Tolstoy’s War and Peace! But I am just going to have to “boil down” my response a bit.

  1. I think you are a good, nice person.
  2. You got me wrong by quoting me as being afraid that the clans I mentioned are a threat to America. I don’t really think that the clans I mentioned have much effect one way or the other.
  3. I stand corrected by characterizing some of the various clans as “having to speak like they just arrived on a boat from Holland five minutes ago.” What I meant was they have to speak like they just arrived on a boat from Bavaria or Swabia five minutes ago.
  4. I understand the fact that each clan has to “distinguish” itself in some way. As I said, you can’t argue with God or nature.
  5. In my letter recently, I made the point that I love America, and what America stands for. America, in my humble opinion, has been a bastion of freedom, and whether you clans admit it or not, you have prospered and multiplied and continue to live beneath an “umbrella of protection” because of my clan, The Ameri-clan!
  6. You said “Holy American Empire”, it’s just “we the people”.
  7. I said that I had HOPE that America would prevail against her enemies “at the gate and within”.
  8. The “resurrection” comment was a little too “deep” for my limited intellectual capacity. I thought that was for believers in Christ, not some country.
  9. I’m sorry if I “struck a nerve”. but upon reading every last word of your voluminous account of your clans’ origins, it seems to me that you agree with everything I said about your views on the flag, the National Anthem, and The Pledge of Allegiance.

Now Karlin S. High, I want you to know that I love you “in the Lord” (even that probably offends someone out there).

I have helped some of you clan people when your proverbial “ox was in the ditch”. And I believe many of you would help me when my ox gets in a ditch.

Have a nice, free day Karlin.


Signed “Challenged on the Ridge Road”

Davis M. Burrus