The weather this week has been exceptionally nice.  Does it almost seem like an early fall? I have had several people asked me that.  Sometimes I feel, as I have said before, that this spring was different, and I am sure this fall will be different too.  Maybe I am just guessing, hopefully it will be a nice fall like we have never had in a while.

Some of my birding friends tell me that the hummingbirds have slowed down. I am still having at least 10 here all day.  They have been buzzing me this morning on the deck. I have noticed some geese in V formation heading that dreaded direction (south). If they are any indication, my above statement about a different fall may be correct.

My live forever bushes have all bloomed, and the cicadas started singing early.  Both those are signs of an early frost. I’m fearing our pool days are numbered or over. The water temps are way down. Last year, I swam until the last of September.

Recently, my neighbor was here visiting, and had noticed Buster on an another occasion. We were talking about the cat, and his fears of men, and especially children. I said I felt he had been abused before being dropped off here. Turns out, an identical twin female had been dropped off at the neighbor’s house on the same day or time as Buster had been dropped off here.  So now I know Buster has a sibling in the neighborhood.  The female cat has had several litters of kittens at the neighbor’s house. The kitty there will only allow female humans to approach it with something to eat.  Petrified of men and kids just like Buster.

I am not in for a bunch of pets, but I am an animal lover. I would never treat a stray like that or dump cats without asking the resident.  However, I took Buster in and had him neutered, shots and all, and he is definitely my cat.  He will not come in when the kids are here.  He will allow Duane to let him out of the garage in the morning, but will not come in when he is in sight. He loves our deck time together.  He starts meowing when I get up, I let him come through the house to back door and he joins me there for my morning coffee.  If I go in for something for just a minute he is around to the front porch window wanting in. He doesn’t understand, “be back in a minute”.  He spends all day outside sleeping in the tall soybeans or in the garden sleeping under the asparagus.  Hidden away from anyone who might hurt him.

Since childhood, I have always had a cat.  My mom loved them, and thus I do too. My brother and I always said she loved her cats more than she did us. Let them sit on the supper table with her in later years. We had went two years without a pet when I found Buster near our back patio one fall day in October. So that’s the story of Buster and the neighbor’s cat.

Please have your pets spayed or neutered. I hope you are enjoying your mornings on the deck, and keeping those hummingbird feeders filled. Until next time, good birdwatching.