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Irritable Jowl Syndrome

Written on May 24, 2018 at 12:36 pm, by

I once made a ‘feller’ down around Rutledge, MO so mad, with one of my letters to the editor, that he went into the “Constricting Heaves”, which then caused “Abdominal Vapors”, complicated by “Carbonic Bunions” on his toes! He hopped around for three weeks, like a ‘Frozen Toed Rooster’, until he finally calmed down! Yes, […]

Tick-Tock Climate

Written on May 22, 2018 at 2:37 pm, by

Dear Editor, I read with interest last week’s article entitled “Ticks Can Carry Many Diseases” highlighting the latest study by the Centers for Disease Control.   As someone diagnosed with Lyme Disease, (but, fortunately, not exhibiting symptoms), I very much appreciate Scotland County Health Department’s advisory to residents.  I’m wondering how many of your readers, like […]

The Board of One Accord

Written on May 8, 2018 at 6:03 pm, by

I’m not a resident of the metropolis of Memphis, Missouri.  I do inhabit the environs nearby, and I have owned some property within the city limits. I noticed the headline recently, on the front page of the Memphis Democrat.  “City Marshal Post “Remains in Question Following April Election”. I will pose the question… what’s the […]

Child Abuse Prevention

Written on April 26, 2018 at 8:58 am, by

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, a time to recognize the importance of families and communities working together to help promote healthy families and prevent child abuse. This month and throughout the year, the Missouri Department of Social Services encourages everyone in the state to play a role in making Missouri a better place […]

SCH Swing-Bed Unit Hitting Home Runs

Written on April 23, 2018 at 8:43 am, by

Dear Editor, Every day I work with people across the lifespan who are trying to navigate the world of healthcare.  My daily job is made up of working with health insurance, doctors, nurses, therapists and social workers, and it still overwhelms me when it is my healthcare or that of someone I love. Recently, I […]

OPIOD Terror Story

Written on March 27, 2018 at 4:15 pm, by

“NO MORE OPIODS” said the DEA, government officials- mostly senators on C-Span, which aired on TV from 12 a.m. -2 a.m. Their reasoning was to take OPIODS away from 18-24 year olds who were committing suicide. This meeting was the 1st of December, 2017. Nothing was said about chronic pain patients who depended on them […]

Honoring Local Veterans

Written on November 14, 2017 at 5:37 pm, by

Dear Editor, Saturday was Veterans Day. All around the country, groups of people and organizations paid tribute to our veterans. In Scotland County there are many to be recognized and rightly so. But have you ever asked yourself, what about Charles Thomas Moore? He was killed in Vietnam saving many lives as a combat medic […]

Fire Gear

Written on October 31, 2017 at 4:47 pm, by

I have kids who are voluntary fire and rescue. It has been brought to my attention that not only did the fire department need to replace a fire truck they are in dire need of replacing bunker gear that ranges from 10 to 30 years old and should be retired after 10 year. The problem […]

We Need a Solution for our Counties

Written on October 31, 2017 at 11:27 am, by

by Rep. Craig Redmon Over the past several months, a headline has made it into newspapers large and small, making an impression on the constituents and law enforcement officers who have brought it to my attention. The Missouri Department of Corrections has a backlog of payments on county jail reimbursements, money that should be going […]

Tax Reform Should Put Missouri’s Working Families First

Written on October 31, 2017 at 11:26 am, by

by U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill I’ve done a lot of town halls around Missouri—nearly 50 of them just this year—many in rural areas that remind me of where I grew up, in Houston, and Lebanon, Missouri. These are communities of working families, some of whom are living paycheck-to-paycheck, trying to earn enough money to pay […]