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River Walk 

“He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water’ (John 7:38).”  Jesus is referencing the flow of the Holy Spirit coming forth from within believers.  That would include us. We are to be a people who are overflowing our banks in life.  We are flooding […]

Do-Gooders Don’t Do Good Enough 

Any who are devoted to life in Jesus must become alert to the subtle mistake of becoming full of self-righteousness.  Nothing offends the nostrils of community like odor of a church-ee or church-ette parading how good we are at being good. This has been one of my most regretful mistakes.  Learning about God and His […]

Influence Beyond Circumstance 

Faith is a rather weird sort.  We must determinedly lean in upon it.  The flesh naturally opposes matters of the unseen by mocking the invisible as either imaginary or unrealistic.  Yet, God calls each to walk by faith and not by sight.  This must be regarded with more than a religious shrug. The flesh doesn’t […]

Eyes Fixed On Jesus

Hebrews 12:1-3 is always relevant for our day.  Whether up or down, proud or humbled, taking a constant gander at Jesus is both fundamentally and necessarily the best direction one can possess.  We must keep our eyes upon him. Therefore, it must not be a surprise that mankind lives in constant distraction.  From vacations to […]

The Grand World of New Eyes! 

Whoa!  I am experiencing something I never knew could be so fascinating!  I see with incredibly new lenses!  I can see again! My second cataract surgery was completed in early August.  I was in the land of recovery for the next four weeks.  Yet I could immediately tell you that I can’t take in the […]

Things Often Go Right Because Other Things Went Wrong

Surely a pattern plays out in front of us day by day, week by week, into decade by decade.  That formation is the fact that often the rough stuff in our paths is there for a purpose.  It is useful to help us to grow up.  You may have noted that a lot of OTHER […]

Living a Bottom-Dog Life in a Top-Dog World 

You do understand that you rub elbows with grievous sinners.  Right?  And you do realize that when you do that they are rubbing against the chiefest of grievous sinners.  Right? I constantly run into eyebrow-raising individuals who just can’t be serious as to how foolish they appear.  I mean, after all, I am the standard […]

The Battle For Life Is Won In Our Words

Life is a constant battle… really. Day by day we find both elation and discouragement. Both are fueled and serviced by the same element; words.  Words can be depressing.  Other words can bring relief.  You are hired has motivating impact while you are fired reverses that trend. The battle for life is won in our […]

How to Win Over Misery

Not much bugs us more than a friend’s relentless expression of misery… unless it would be our own relentless misery. Not many, but a few, seem to enjoy (as if they thrive) being unhappy.  I’m sure you may have just now seen their faces flash across your memory screen. What these don’t understand is that […]

The Strong Hope of the Church

Church? Church is a triple-edged word, it seems.  It is loved.  It is also despised.  In many ways it is ignored. Those of us in it surely care about the church-at-large.  We wish for acceptance; yet have sympathy for those who don’t see church as much of a blessing.  I, therefore, alert us (the churches) […]

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