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The Grand World of New Eyes! 

Whoa!  I am experiencing something I never knew could be so fascinating!  I see with incredibly new lenses!  I can see again! My second cataract surgery was completed in early August.  I was in the land of recovery for the next four weeks.  Yet I could immediately tell you that I can’t take in the […]

Things Often Go Right Because Other Things Went Wrong

Surely a pattern plays out in front of us day by day, week by week, into decade by decade.  That formation is the fact that often the rough stuff in our paths is there for a purpose.  It is useful to help us to grow up.  You may have noted that a lot of OTHER […]

Living a Bottom-Dog Life in a Top-Dog World 

You do understand that you rub elbows with grievous sinners.  Right?  And you do realize that when you do that they are rubbing against the chiefest of grievous sinners.  Right? I constantly run into eyebrow-raising individuals who just can’t be serious as to how foolish they appear.  I mean, after all, I am the standard […]

The Battle For Life Is Won In Our Words

Life is a constant battle… really. Day by day we find both elation and discouragement. Both are fueled and serviced by the same element; words.  Words can be depressing.  Other words can bring relief.  You are hired has motivating impact while you are fired reverses that trend. The battle for life is won in our […]

How to Win Over Misery

Not much bugs us more than a friend’s relentless expression of misery… unless it would be our own relentless misery. Not many, but a few, seem to enjoy (as if they thrive) being unhappy.  I’m sure you may have just now seen their faces flash across your memory screen. What these don’t understand is that […]

The Strong Hope of the Church

Church? Church is a triple-edged word, it seems.  It is loved.  It is also despised.  In many ways it is ignored. Those of us in it surely care about the church-at-large.  We wish for acceptance; yet have sympathy for those who don’t see church as much of a blessing.  I, therefore, alert us (the churches) […]

Man’s Magnificent Obsession

Mankind is out of control for one very simple reason; mankind has taken control. Since those dark days of the Garden where Adam and Eve sinned, one may note that their rebellion against God came upon their move to take control of the situation. Control was their first and most immediate move.  Their trust in […]

Growing Deeper In The Spirit

Shallowness bugs me.  I’m shallow.  I bug myself. To listen to those of us serious about God and kingdom life, one might believe we are among the more serious.  Well, I think we are… in places.  Yet, by noting those we deem less devoted, we simultaneously commit increasing shallowness. We are not to compare ourselves.  […]

The Church is Always in Need of a Facelift

One of the greatest and strongest breakthroughs that we face is found in our opportunities to bring cheer to others.  His greatest commands are to love God and others.  Focus upon these two will be forever front-burner concepts…. and necessary actions. It doesn’t matter how attentive we are to Christian programming, agendas, or doctrines, there […]

Sometimes Our Best Days and Our Worst Days Are the Same Days

Isn’t life exhaustingly wonderful?  I love right now!  There are a lot of prisoners who would like to have my worst days and I would like to have a lot of lottery winners’ best days!  There it is…life! Today I encourage you to take personal inventory.  Like who you are, where you are, what you […]

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