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The Stretch Of Faith To Believe In God 

For an intelligent human being to believe that God is actual and factual is a big stretch for some; really for many.  The Bible speaks of the concepts of God appearing foolish to many.  I get it.  I get the struggle to surpass those non-sensical barriers of believing God is real. Therefore, consider the ant; […]

Confidently Humble 

At first it seems like it could be an oxymoron; confidently humble.  But it isn’t… I don’t think. To me this is a paramount challenge.  We want our servant-warriors (there it goes again) to be fearless without being obnoxious.  What I’m seeing is that the pathway of Jesus is incredibly unique. If awareness, focus, and […]

Why Should Anyone Want To Be A Christian?

Let’s get real.  Is there really a need for Christianity anymore?  Or, has this system ridden the rails so very long that it no longer reflects direction or meaning?  Are our communities uselessly expending human energy to keep the church organization afloat via a few transfers and conversions here and there? Would it be fairly […]

What I Like About Personal Guilt

Guilt is not often on one’s Bucket List.  Maybe I should say, “Never!”  The reasons could be many; one being that with such abundant supply one doesn’t have to wait to experience it. Personal guilt is not a goal anyone wishes to attain.  Quite the reverse; we desperately wish to shed even its shadow.  Yet, there […]

Anti-Religion is a Religion 

I get it.  The mockery of people who claim to believe in God is surely quite socially acceptable.  Such a bandwagon is loaded.  The smirks, the rolling of the eyes, the accusations of ignorance and inconsistency?  I’ve heard a life full of insults directed toward me/any who claim to follow God. I get it.  And […]

Petition For 2016: We Will Live Life Alive

What I like about life is that it is uniquely, wonderfully, absolutely… alive!  Surprised at my non-brilliance?  You already knew life was alive; that’s why it’s called that?  Well, my concern is that a vast amount of friends (and enemies) don’t experience life alive. My observation is that the masses have been buried before they […]

A Favorite Thing About Life 

Don’t you just love right now? While unpretentious about negative matters existing, we are free to reflect, perceive, and focus upon the vast amount of wonder right before our very eyes.  It isn’t necessary to travel a distance to scope out fascination. At the moment of this writing my brain is sending signals to my […]

Visit The Center Of Great Wonder 

I don’t know about you.  For me, I want to see things going on (productivity/effectivity) while, simultaneously, I can’t seem to get to them because so many things are going on. This is weird in a weird sort of way. I am grateful, sincerely so, for technology’s progress.  Yet, for every app and tool of […]


I’ve been noticing God; His schemes, His process, His moves.  And just as the Bible stories are absurdly outrageous, so are our personal lives.  From floating ax heads to slaying giants to raising dead people, our Bible studies flourish with what “can’t be” actually becoming. And what I dearly love about God is His knack […]

The Bigger Solution to Our Big Mistake

We live in a perpetual zone of misunderstanding.  We seem to be reflective of others’ weak spots; their negativity, their lack, their sins.  Simultaneously, we seem to be deflective of our own.  II Corinthians 10:12 assures us that when we live comparing ourselves by ourselves (and we usually come out on top doing so) that […]

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