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Feeding Behavior

Feeding Behavior

Are you having trouble with birds coming to your feeders?   Birds change their feeding behavior.  Temperatures, weather, time of year, time of day – all influence a bird’s feeding habits. In mild weather, when wild food is plentiful, birds will use your feeder less. I will attribute this last statement as to why I, myself, […]



We have had several gloomy days this past week.  I hate to say it but a little snow would look pretty and attract some of the winter feeder birds.  Cardinals are a bright attraction to the feeders this time of year. The actual word Cardinal originally meant important, and later referred to the high-ranking official […]


As I am sitting here writing this, I see I am having a few more American Goldfinches at my feeders.  I have been having mostly House Sparrows.  In the distance, I see several Hawks flying around drifting in the wind, looking for prey in the fields.  They are probably Red-Tailed Hawk, Coopers Hawk, or Harriers. […]

Fill Your Feeders

I am starting to dump about two cups of food in my feeders every day, and keeping my heated waterer full of fresh water.  I see most of my visitors are the ever-present house sparrow, messing in this sunflower seed, and drinking most of my water. I have had several American Goldfinches, and I spotted […]

Which Finch is it?

Which Finch is it? Purple finches and house finches are close relatives,  they have similar songs, breeding behaviors and appearances, and people often are confused as to which they have at their feeders. Distinguishing between the two species can be difficult.  We get both at our feeders, and so we enjoy trying to figure it […]

Waiting to Feed

I have not started feeding my birds yet.  I want to wait as long as I can and give them all a chance to forage for themselves. I keep a birdbath full of fresh water for them, but that is all, right now. I have a tremendous amount of House Sparrows right now visiting the […]

American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch

Fall — a beautiful time of year, with so many bright colors, mixed with a few of summer flowers left blooming.  A mixture of God’s handy work for sure.  I enjoy fall.  It is one of my favorites.  No baby birds though.  A time when birds are migrating, quieting down, and preparing for a change […]


The Hummingbirds are still enjoying the feeders here at my house. Several have asked if you should stop feeding them this time of year. My suggestion would be to leave the feeders up as long as you have birds.  I so enjoy them this time of year.  Many of the birds you see are juveniles.  […]


September!  I won’t even ask where August went.  This month will be filled with football, Grandparents Day, first day of Autumn, fall decorating, and watching those busy hummingbirds. They will be traveling, and will be in need of extra energy.  You will need to keep fresh sugar water in those feeders.  I don’t fill the […]

Awesome Weather

Another absolutely beautiful week!  The weather has been awesome, with a touch of rain, smells of fresh mown hay, lovely flower beds, and of course our feathered friends. I don’t know about anyone else, but the Robins have been high in numbers this year.  Of course, I have my Cabin Robin, who is delightfully on […]

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