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Switching Baits

During the end of January, outdoor activities get much slower. To be sure, there are ample opportunities like catching crappie and killing ducks, but the weather can be a real hindrance for those of us who like longer and warmer days. I really do wish I had more time to enjoy this time of year. […]

Tufted Titmouse

Tufted Titmouse

One of the liveliest birds at the feeders is the Tufted Titmouse.  So cute to watch and read about. The titmouse’s nearest relative at the feeder is the chickadee.   They have similar nesting and breeding habits and calls, and when they do come to the feeder, both have a tendency to take one seed, fly […]

Rutledge Renegades

Charlene Montgomery went to Kirksville and spent the weekend with her friends Charlene Wheeler, Joe Pheifer and Johnny Wever. Jim and Nancy Jo Waack went to Cantril, IA. Alline Anderson came to Zimmerman’s to see Bob Hunolt.  It was warm enough that day that she forgot her coat.  This week was cold so she had […]

When We Talk With God 

Surely one of the grandest transfers God has made in my life would be that of prayer. Don’t misunderstand, I am not the great example of a praying person.  As a matter of fact, I would be noted as the opposite.  Yet, I encourage you about this topic because He has led me into a […]

Lights, Camera, Action…

Lights, Camera, Action…

Tereza here, starting with just a quick note on the lovely weather. This last week was so much warmer and sunnier than it’s been, I just have to mention it. I know I’m not the only one whose mood has improved with the reprieve from the dark and cold. Lots more noise, from wood chopping and power tools […]

Job Performance

Have you ever seen a dog “work”? I mean have you ever seen a dog in the woods point a grouse or a pheasant? It is truly an amazing sight. They pick up the smell, follow it to the bird, stand still with tail extended and one front foot in the air until the bird […]

Tea and Conversation

Tea and Conversation

Ah, true winter, after the holidays, down time semi-enforced by the frigid weather. The thinking and planning time of year, it seems. So I’m doing lots of thinking about the year to come, as well as deeper topics, and there seems to be an up-swell of similar energy amongst my fellow villagers. Ted here with […]



BY: G.R. MILLER MISSOURI CONSERVATION AGENT Have you been sitting in your deer stand waiting for a deer to walk by and hear walking in the leaves thinking it’s a trophy buck walking in your direction, only to observe a squirrel scampering through the woods? I would imagine that scenario has occurred more than once….am […]



Sparrows!  Little Brown Birds — A lot of people refer to any kind of sparrow as a little brown bird. First of all, there are only five sparrows that are commonly seen at feeders.  The good ole house sparrow cannot be included as it is really a Weaver Finch. The ones you may see are […]

How to Handle the Storms

Stormy days and howling nights try to disturb the equilibrium of the heart.  Hard times take a swipe at each of us with insult, disappointment, or very bad news.  And we are supposed to shine on how? Matthew 14 contains that famous story of Jesus walking on water.  Really, two walked on water that day; […]

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