One of the few birds, besides the Hummingbird, that I still notice on my front porch and yard is the Eastern Phoebe. It is constantly flying on my porch or deck as if it is looking for a nesting sight. I know it is not this time of year. It sits in some of my smaller trees in the front yard as well.  I did have one build a nest on the front porch of the cabin this year; thus, no Cabin Robin; but I am surprised to see them now.

They like farmlands, suburbs, and usually like to be near water.  When perching, it almost looks as if it is waging its tail.  They are not shy.  Often they are found in or on porches, garages, barns, etc., nesting on a ledge or beam. 

Basically, all the other friendly birds are gone, I still have sparrows, of course, and a few starlings and of course, my Hummingbirds. I am thinking in about 10 days they will also be on their way to a more southern place to spend a few weeks, before moving on to their destination.

You will want to start feeding your feathered friends here soon.  It’s sad to think that October is upon us.  Fall weather, turning leaves, and beautiful timbers.  I don’t get in a hurry about this as I mostly feed Sparrows.  They have been at the feeder already the other day looking to see if I have put anything out yet.  Not a chance.  I would be wasting my money.

While I was at the cabin the other day I noticed that I had 5-6 Goldfinches on the beach, eating their grit.  I love to hear them talk and chatter, and they were not afraid to stay within a distance of me.  They are also here in the yard, at all my flowers with seeds attached. They are just finishing up nesting and are starting to fade from their beautiful summer time bright yellow to a more duller color.

I think we need a good rain, and some cooler weather. I am sure all the farmers with green beans yet, are wishing for a lasting summer to get them to where they need to be to harvest.

My thermometer today as I type this, says 92 degrees.  Wow. Keeping my flowers watered right now is a daily job. They would much rather have a drink from the sky’s heavens as my buckets or milk jugs.

What are your plans for fall, landscaping, clean up your yard and garden, add some gorgeous mums for a little color.  There’s always something to do around the yard and garden.  Until next time, good bird watching.