Good Morning bird watchers. The feeders have been busy this past week.  Woodpeckers, Nuthatches,  Mourning Doves, Blue Jays, Black Capped Chickadees, Brown Creepers. These birds are great to watch, along with the Juncos of winter. 

I have a Downy and a Red-bellied woodpecker that spend a lot of time at my feeder. They are always working on the black oil sunflower seed, and of course my suet.  The Downy is Black with white bars near the cap and across the cheek; broken white bands along the wings, off white breast, bright scarlet patch at back of the head.  At the feeder, they prefer suet, peanut butter, and sunflower seeds. The Red-bellied is Black with white bars on its back, shoulders, and wings, gray cheeks, breast, and underside; red crown, nape of neck, and patch on the belly.  They prefer suet, oil-type sunflower seeds and cracked corn.

Blue Jays eat sunflower seeds, whole nuts etc.  During breeding season, they are also predators on small injured birds. The white breasted nuthatch has a white face and breast; black cap and back of the neck.  Sunflower seeds, suet and peanut butter at the feeder are their preference. 

I like to make pinecone seed feeders with the kids during the winter. You can melt fat and dip them in it, then roll in mixed bird feed.  Wear rubber gloves. I also use cheap peanut butter and dip in bird seed.  These are fun to make and attract a lot of different birds.  You have to be careful with homemade treats as some will attract Starlings.  I have a problem with them sometimes and don’t like them being around my feeder.  The best thing to use is beef suet and peanut butter. Some can add berries.

Cardinals are also a feeder favorite.  I don’t have any right now. I am however, boarding my daughter’s two cats for the winter, and I hope they stay away from the feeder area.  They are huge cats and had some adjusting to do. I did make them both beds in the shop, and they have adapted to them, along with the other animals out there. I think they have tangled with a coon at one point. My adopted cat, Buster, is not fond of the cat cousins.  For the most part he is in the garage, and some nights prefers outdoors. 

Keep fresh water out for the your feathered friends, and enjoy watching.  Until next time, good bird watching.