The Memphis Swim Team competed in a quad-meet against Sheridan, Pittsfield, and Quincy Family YMCA at the YMCA on July 25, 2018. Swimmers placing in the top 10 in their events and participating swimmers are listed below:

7-8 Mixed Free Relay—3rd, Tracy Huber, Olivia Leyva, Ezra Both, Brant Heine

9-10 Mixed Free Relay—2nd, Emory Black, Finley Heine, Cole Mazziotti, Wesley McSparren

15-18 Mixed Free Relay—2nd, Bethany Barrett, Carlee Smith, Rachel Barrett, Eric Yarbrough; 3rd, Tresa Huber, Rebekah Lourcey, Clara Davis, Micah Cooley

7-8 Girls Backstroke—2nd, Olivia Leyva; 3rd, Tracy Huber

7-8 Boys Backstroke—4th, Brant Heine; 10th, Ezra Both; Arlo Both

9-10 Girls Backstroke—1st, Keeley Brown; 5th, Autumn Huber

9-10 Boys Backstroke—2nd, Wesley McSparren; 5th, Emory Black

11-12 Girls Backstroke—2nd, Carlee Smith; 6th, Payton Miller

13-14 Girls Backstroke—5th, Tresa Huber

15-18 Girls Backstroke—3rd, Micah Cooley; 4th, Clara Davis; 5th, Rebekah Lourcey

7-8 Girls 50-yard Free—1st, Olivia Leyva

9-10 Girls 50-yard Free—2nd, Keeley Brown; 5th, Finley Heine; 7th, Cole Mazziotti; 8th, Autumn Huber

9-10 Boys 50-yard Free—2nd, Wesley McSparren; 5th, Emory Black

11-12 Girls 100-yard Free—2nd, Carlee Smith; 5th, Aurelia Sterling

13-14 Girls 100-yard Free—5th, Tresa Huber

15-18 Girls 100-yard Free—2nd, Rachel Barrett; 3rd, Clara Davis; 4th, Rebekah Lourcey

15-18 Boys 100-yard Free—3rd, Eric Yarbrough

7-8 Girls Breaststroke—1st, Tracy Huber

7-8 Boys Breaststroke—4th, Brant Heine

9-10 Girls Breaststroke—5th, Finley Heine; 10th Autumn Huber

9-10 Boys Breaststroke—1st, Emory Black

11-12 Girls Breaststroke—1st, Carlee Smith; 3rd, Aurelia Sterling; 5th, Payton Miller

13-14 Girls Breaststroke—5th, Tresa Huber

15-18 Girls Breaststroke—2nd, Bethany Barrett; 3rd, Micah Cooley; 4th, Clara Davis

7-8 Boys Butterfly—4th, Brant Heine

9-10 Girls Butterfly—1st, Cole Mazziotti; 4th, Finley Heine

15-18 Girls Butterfly—3rd, Bethany Barrett

15-18 Boys Butterfly—2nd, Eric Yarbrough

7-8 Girls 25-yard Free—1st, Olivia Leyva; 2nd, Tracy Huber

7-8 Boys 25-yard Free—5th, Brant Heine, 5th; Ezra Both; Arlo Both

9-10 Girls 25-yard Free—4th, Keeley Brown; 10th, Autumn Huber

9-10 Boys 25-yard Free—2nd, Wesley McSparren

11-12 Girls 50-yard Free—2nd, Carlee Smith; 7th, Aurelia Sterling; 9th, Payton Miller

13-14 Girls 50-yard Free—3rd, Tresa Huber

15-18 Girls 50-yard Free—2nd, Rachel Barrett; 3rd, Bethany Barrett; 4th, Micah Cooley; 5th, Clara Davis; 6th, Rebekah Lourcey, 6th

15-18 Boys 50-yard Free-2nd, Eric Yarbrough

9-10 Girls IM—5th, Keeley Brown; 6th, Cole Mazziotti

11-12 Girls IM—5th, Payton Miller

9-10 Mixed Medley Relay—1st, Keeley Brown, Finley Heine, Cole Mazziotti, Wesley McSparren; 5th, Tracy Huber, Autumn Huber, Emory Black, Olivia Leyva

15-18 Mixed Medley Relay—3rd, Micah Cooley, Rachel Barrett, Bethany Barrett, Eric Yarbrough