mr manhole web

A number of bid openings highlighted the agenda for a brief Memphis City Council meeting on November 5th.

The board of aldermen voted 3-0 to approve the purchase of a number of pieces of equipment. The city will spend $16,695.60 for a new affluent pump for the duplex sewage pump station located in the southwest part of town.

The 460 volt 3 phase 25 HP pump and new slide brackets, guide rails and new control panel will be installed at the site as one of two units that facilitate the flow through that portion of the city’s sewer system.

City crews have been rebuilding the pump station, and City Utilities Superintendent Stacy Alexander praised their efforts, explaining that the local crew saved the city a significant amount of money doing the work themselves and were also able to insure service was uninterrupted by performing the upgrades in two separate halves.

The council approved the purchase of a new 2016 Ford F250 Crew Cab to serve as the primary service vehicle for the light department. The approved bid from Joe Machens Ford of Columbia was for $31,118.

The city also opened bids for the sale of a surplus 1991 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup. The winning bid was awarded to Shirley Spurgeon for $600.

The final bid item was for the purchase of a skid-loader mounted man hole cutter attachment.

The council approved the purchase of a B-52 by Mr. Manhole for the cost of $7,999 and also authorized the purchase of an additional guide arm and an extra set of plug in teeth.


In other business, the council approved Bill number 15-13, an ordinance giving notice of the April 2016 election. Officers to be elected will be mayor, and one alderman from the east and west ward. The terms of Mayor William Reckenberg and aldermen Tom Glass and Chris Feeney will be completed.

Individuals interested in filing for the offices can do so beginning December 15th at 8 a.m. at Memphis City Hall. Filing closes January 19, 2016. The election will be held April 5, 2016.

Generator Policy

The council voted 3-0 to implement a new city policy creating a maintenance program for the city’s electricity generators.

The manual implements a regime of inspections and regular testing to ensure the emergency generation capability of the units, which are fueled by diesel or natural gas, and can be run in case the city loses its power supply.

Tree Trimming

A basic tree trimming policy update was also introduced to the council by Superintendent Roy Monroe.

The proposal seeks to clarify the city’s policy of removing trees on city right of way and on private property.

City ordinance empowers the municipality to remove any trees on city right of way that are deemed a danger to public property.

The new policy stipulates this work may be done by city employees or a contractor employed by the city.

In addition the new policy proposal specifies that trees on private property, which pose a threat of damage to public property, including electric lines, water hydrants, sidewalks and streets, can be trimmed or removed by city crews or a contractor hired by the city. It also would empower the city to only cut the tree back as far as necessary to remedy the danger to the public infrastructure, leaving the remainder of the tree to be removed by the property owner since it is located on private property.

The proposal was offered for discussion purposes and will be reconsidered at the December council meeting.