With retirement looming for several keys member of the municipal leadership team, the City of Memphis is preparing to embark on a new administrative course.

Applications are currently being accepted for a new city manager position to head the municipal team. The Memphis City Council unanimously approved the creation of the new team leader position last month and opened the application process last week.

Current City Superintendent Roy Monroe had announced initial plans to retire in July of 2019. The council indicated a desire to have the new city leader in place well before that point to have an opportunity to work with the current director to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The council’s goal is to transition the leadership position into more of a supervisory role, handling more of the administrative duties of running the roughly $5 million annual budget encompassing water, sewer and electrical utilities services not to mention an airport, park system, lake, and cemetery as well as police and fire protection.

Some of the duties the new city manager will be tasked with will include developing, recommending and implementing policies, program planning, fiscal management, administration and operations of all City functions and services for efficient and economic operation of the City.

The manager is responsible for accomplishing the City’s goals and objectives and for ensuring that the citizens are provided with desired and mandated services in an effective and cost efficient manner.

Key to those administrative goals will be the supervision of all departments and employees, including evaluations and training implementations.

The city manager will be responsible for creating an annual budget, salary plan and work blueprint that will result in weekly work schedules for all city departments targeting compliance and completion of existing goals.

In addition, the new administrative post will handle project planning, bids and contracts as well as serve in a public relations role.

The application process is open, and the council has not established any deadlines for making a hire.